This post is sponsored by Collective Bias for Clorox Fresh Step, opinions are my own. I was happy to participate because I love my three cats, Peaches, Lottie, and Ozzie, and we really do use Fresh Step in our litter box for the cats because we think it reduces odors the most. It uses natural things like plant extracts to do the odor controlling.

Cat bearding

Have you heard of this or seen it? It’s where you post your cat’s head in front of yours so it kind of looks like it is a beard on your face. I am not sure where it came from, but it was funny trying to get our cats to join in. Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t torture the cats – Yes, you may really want the photo, but do this quickly if your cat does not seem to be a willing participant.
  • Prepare to crop your photos – Just take the photo and then crop out the cat’s body, your hands, etc.
  • Sit back, aim up – For our photo session we sat back on the couch to hold the cats and the other one was taking the photos from a lower position aiming up. This is not a flattering position for normal photos (as you can see from the full photos below), but it is better for cat bearding.

First up was Lottie. Now Lottie does not like to be held really and she is also our fattest fluffiest cat and is a handful to say the least. I can’t decide which of the two cat bearding photos of me and Lottie I like best. Hubby had more trouble with Lottie as you can see. I had to share his pic because instead of cat bearding it looks like cat punching! Lottie bopped Hubby in the nose LOL!

cat bearding #clubfreshstep #cbias #shop (1)cat bearding #clubfreshstep #cbias #shop (2)cat bearding #clubfreshstep #cbias #shop (20)

Then Peaches who is the sweetest of all of our cats. Now she does not mind being held, but apparently not in this position so much. I did manage to get a cat bearding with Peaches and me though. Then Hubby, well once again, not so much. I love the looks on Hubby and Peaches’ faces though.

cat bearding #clubfreshstep #cbias #shop (18)cat bearding #clubfreshstep #cbias #shop (10)

Finally it was Ozzie’s turn. He is our most rambunctious cat and loves to be held BUT only on HIS terms and these apparently were not his terms! Hubby managed to get a bit of a cat beard with Ozzie. My attempt to do cat bearding with Ozzie failed though – but I thought the evil glowing eyes were funny and still wanted to share.

cat bearding #clubfreshstep #cbias #shop (21)cat bearding #clubfreshstep #cbias #shop (5)

Clorox Fresh Step #clubfreshstep #cbias #shop


If you have cats or go to people’s houses with cats I am sure you already know this fact. It is what it is. So at my house things we do to control that odor include:

  • Scooping the cat box daily – this is critical! And you have to dig down to get all of it, not just the clumps on top.
  • Use Clorox Fresh Step litter – Yes, this post is sponsored, but it is really the litter that we already use. The latest formula is even better than before and really helps keep the odor under control. This is critical because Lottie does not “flush” well in the box! (She scratches and scrapes to cover up her “deposit” but she always misses the clump).
  • Good diets for your cat – We have found that their diet changes their litter box habits and odors considerably. We spend a bit more on cat food, but in the end (ha ha pun not intended) it really makes a noticeable difference!
  • Hide the box – well, as best you can at least. Now that my son has moved out his room has become the “cat room” and that is where the litter box now lives. If we had a basement, it would go there though.

Here is me trying to be cute in an Instagram video. I could not get all three of the cats to cooperate and sit with me though LOL…

Some extra facts about why Clorox Fresh Step seems to do the job for us.

  • Fresh Step has added chlorophyll
    They found that the chlorophyll (remember the stuff from plants) is a natural filtering agent for some odors.
  • Fresh Step has added essential oils
    Yes, even cats are getting in on the essential oil trend it seems! In the kitty litter they found that some essential oils stop growth of odor-causing bacteria and inhibit mold growth (ick).
  • Fresh Step has carbon
    We already knew this can help control odor – but now it has the other items to boost it’s power too!
    Right now you can also get double Paw Points when you purchase Fresh Step at Sam’s Club! The Paw Points you can redeem for fun cat related toys and items. (Must register codes by 10/31/13)
  • Great price!
    It was only $12.37 at my local Sam’s Club for a large 42 pound bag of Fresh Step!
  • Pictures of our shopping trip to Sam’s Club can be seen in this Google+ album.

Do you have cats? Have you tried cat bearding? Have you tried Fresh Step?

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