apples on the ground

Sunday I went apple picking with Hubby, my cousins Jamie and Ben, and their son (who I call my nephew) Colby. It has been several years since I went apple picking. For a long time I did not go because it was easier not to. It was easier not to have to worry about how far the parking lot was from the entrance. It was easier not to have to worry how I would get up on the wagon to take me out to the orchard. It was easier not to have to worry about getting tired after picking just a few apples. It was easier not to have to worry about a place to sit.

Yep, for a long time I did a lot of that “easier not to have to worry” thing. My weight was why. Now while many who know me knew I would do things, it really had become an issue for me to consider all the what if’s before I went anywhere. And you know what, it sucked! I get angry with myself still at times that I let myself get that way. I did not mean to. I did not want to. But it happened.

Now down 113 pounds so far life is so different!

It is easier to do than to worry about not doing. To just say yes, I’ll go is so much easier than I thought. Definitely far easier to live than to have to think about every aspect of something before I live.

Looking at the photographs I took at Eckert’s (the apple picking place) on Sunday made me reflect on all of this more. I was happy to go apple picking, in fact I was looking forward to it! Not once before we went did I worry about how much walking I would have to do. My biggest concern was if I should bring a purse with me or just my phone and camera (I left the purse at home). I enjoyed the long ride over with my family. I did not mind the walk from the field where we had to park up to the main area. And I already knew that I COULD get up on that wagon without any problems. Out in the orchard I jumped right in picking apples, bending, stretching, reaching, squatting, and doing whatever I needed to in order to reach those good apples. It really is just so much easier to DO.

There are still moments of doubt that pop in my head occasionally. Old habits die hard. Stepping down from the wagon I had one of those moments and asked Hubby to hold out his hand for me. I’m still adjusting to my body as I lose weight and my balance is off and I don’t want to fall.

I still have more to lose, but just the fact that I am enjoying life so much more makes every step worth it!