Change Your Clock Change Your Battery [sponsored by Energizer]

Can you believe it is so late in the year already? This means it is time once again to change your clock and change your battery! On November 3 we will all “fall behind” and change our clocks to one hour earlier. I encourage you all to also change the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors at the same time. Energizer has jumped in again this year to sponsor this post and the giveaway of two great family safety kit prizes. Thanks Energizer!

Fire Safety Infographic [sponsored by Energizer]

This is such an easy way to help keep your family safe. It is also a great teaching moment to have with the entire family. Go ahead and change the clocks and change the batteries quickly if you do not have extra time on November 3, but then plan on a family meeting sometime close to that date to talk about Family Fire Safety. Here are some tips:

  • Safety is the Responsibility of the Entire Family
    Let all family members know that they all play a role in keeping your family safe. Think about assigning tasks to the kids to help them be involved. Things like a monthly flashlight check, exit path clear check, or even assigning a home “marshal” each month.
  • Make a Plan
    Every family should have a plan in case of a fire. All members need to know two ways out of their bedrooms and the house. Make maps of those exits. Also talk about where to meet if the smoke alarm goes off. Pick a neighbor or nearby area where everyone can go to meet up.
  • 911 Call Information
    Rehearse a 911 call with the kids. Make sure they know their street number and address to give to the operator. Explain to speak clearly and slowly. If you do not use a regular land line or your community does not have 911, make sure the kids know the emergency number to use and have it posted and stored in cell phones.
  • Fire Prevention
    Go over why things like matches, lighters, stoves, candles, and heaters should not be played with by adults or children. Remind the family about safety in the kitchen.
  • Equipment Checks
    Along with testing and replacing batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, be sure to go over where fire extinguishers are and how to use them and when to use them. If you have multiple stories you need to check your emergency window ladders are in good shape also.
  • Fire Drill
    Yes, actually have a scheduled fire drill! Set of the alarm so everyone knows what to expect, have everyone “escape” from the house and meet and your safe sight. You can do this a few times a year and make different scenarios each time. The idea is not to scare, but to prepare in case the real thing ever happens.

To help your family out, Energizer has more tips and information. From now through November 3 you can visit the Energizer Bunny Facebook page and click on the Fire Safety Info Tab. There you can enter another sweepstakes to win a Family Safety Kit – they are giving away one each day! While you are there be sure to look at their fire safety tips and download your family’s home escape plan. If you have kids at home, get the coloring and activity sheets. Grandparents – if your grandkids stay over often then you should do all of these things with them at your house too! You can find out more about Energizer’s commitment to making positive impacts in communities at

Plus Energizer has provided me with two safety kits to give away to my readers! A special thanks to Summer of A Mom Less Ordinary who shared her prize photo (psst, you can enter another giveaway on her blog)

Win a Family Safety Kit


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