shape sorting fun with my nephew

My nephew Colby is showing us another fun toy that Reeves Intl sent to us to try out. This has turned out to be one of his favorite toys actually. It is the Toy Scrambled Eggs for ages 18+ months. His mom said he pulls these out often and enjoys taking them apart, putting them back together, and putting them in the carton. Colby is 2 1/2 years old.

Scrambled Eggs Toy holding

The set comes with a carton and inside are six eggs. The eggs open up to reveal a unique shape and color for each. This toy has a lot to offer for something so simple.

Ideas for Using Toy Scrambled Eggs

  • Color Matching and Naming
    Even if your toddler does not know the names of colors yet, they can visually see the difference. Asking them to pick up the blue piece and pointing to it to help them learn the name of the color is an easy way to help them. Without putting the eggs back together even, you can sort the open pieces by color. The color will also help them know which 2 pieces go together.
  • Shape Matching and Naming
    Now look at the actual shapes and start naming them with your child. Trace over the edges of the shapes with your finger and then help your child trace them with their finger too. Make sure to say the names as you do this.
  • Counting
    The Scrambled Eggs are great for counting practice also. You can count the whole eggs, egg parts, the cups in the carton, etc. Also look at the shapes and count the lines each shape has, the square has 4 sides, etc.
  • Addition and Subtraction
    As your child advances these are also great manipulatives to help with simple addition and subtraction. Adding eggs to the carton or removing them to serve as a visual in learning the concept.
  • Pretend Cooking
    Let’s not forget that they are eggs and work perfectly in your play kitchens as a pretend food item. We can never have too much of that right?

Scrambled Eggs Toy latch

The only negative about this item is that the latch for the carton is tough to open and close, not just for kids, but even for adults. However, this is in no way a deal breaker – the toy has far more positive qualities and uses to make up for this and the price is just $10 which I think is very fair. The egg pieces stick together well when paired up. The younger kids will need a little help, but they will catch on quickly. Helping them learn to rotate their pieces a bit to get the right fit helps with eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.

Scrambled Eggs Toy from Reeves Toys for ages 18+ months

I really love the learning and play value in this toy and think it would be a great gift item for little ones. The Scrambled Eggs would also be a great teacher gift for their classroom since it has such great learning play options with it and is at a relatively inexpensive price point. Teachers love gifts they can actually use in their classroom for their students usually.

Do you know someone who would enjoy this toy? What ways would you use it to play with them?