kleenex cold and fluNot only will our friends and family be invading visiting our homes this holiday season, but there is a good change they will be bringing along some uninvited guests with them – GERMS! We are headed into cold and flu season at the same time that we visit with others and give lots of hugs and kisses and handshakes and that just makes for some dangerous conditions at times. Kleenex (disclosure – this post is sponsored by them, opinions are my own) has some great tips for us to survive cold and flu season this year.

  • Keep sick kids home from school
    96% of school nurses agree that when a child comes to school sick, other children tend to catch his or her virus.
  • Color does not matter
    All colds are contagious, regardless of mucus color
  • Get some sun
    Sunshine is a natural way for us to get Vitamin D which boosts are immune system
  • No humidifiers
    Avoid using humidifiers when you are sick, they can actually spread the flu germs
  • Water, herbal tea and juice
    Stick with these to stay hydrated – not all liquids work as well
  • Keep Kleenex on hand
    The CDC recommends facial tissues as one of the key strategies to minimize cold and flu viruses

kleenex website

You can find out more tips for preparing for the cold and flu season on the Kleenex website and they generally have Kleenex coupons to print. Plus, don’t forget about the myachoo site I told you about a few weeks ago.

I have several boxes of Kleenex on the shelf here at my house because I do not want to run out. The Sneeze Shield is a big plus for Hubby especially because he sneezes a lot (allergies). I like the Ultra Soft and the Lotion varieties for me since my skin is a bit sensitive. One of the side effects of my surgery earlier this year has been that my nose runs all the time it seems so those gentler varieties make a difference for me.

Remember to wash your hands often, disinfect doorknobs and handles, but still enjoy your time with family and friends even if they bring those unwanted germs.

Do you have a favorite variety of Kleenex? Do you have any other tips to share about preparing for cold and flu season?