Did you have your smartphone camera out on Thanksgiving? After you took those photos did you share them on Facebook? On Twitter? On Instagram? If so, you are among the majority. More and more of us are snapping pics of daily life and sharing on our social networks. I definitely do this quite a bit. It is fun and I love sharing plus I love the other end of it also – viewing photos from others. It really brings a smile to my face to see pictures of the kids, the pets, the food, and yes, even selfies of my friends! Heck, even the Oxford Online Dictionaries added the word “selfie” this year so you know it must be pretty popular.

Where is your favorite place to share pics? What is your favorite topic of pics to share?



Disclosure: I work with Verizon in a variety of ways and they created the following infographic. I was not compensated in any way for sharing this – I just found it very interesting and perfect for this week’s infographic.

verizon photography infographic