Would You Rather Board Game Review  |  Robyns.World

Last night was our monthly family game night. We celebrated my cousin and my son’s birthdays, had birthday cake, and of course, played board games. This time we tried another new game called “Would You Rather” and we all enjoyed it!

The idea is that on your turn you spin and land on a category. A card is read with two options – would you rather do A or would you rather do B. They have lots of silly, funny, interesting, and some kind of gross scenarios. Everyone votes secretly what the player will select. If no one matches the player, they move ahead 3 spaces. If you do match the player you move ahead 1 space. It is a very simple concept and reminds us of the Whoonu? game that we love also.

Here is an example card from the game…

Would You Rather Board Game Review  |  Robyns.World

While some of the questions younger kids will understand, they will not “get” all of them. I would say this game would be best for teens and adults. We had all adults playing it at our game night. There are no right or wrong answers really, it is all just opinion.

The drawbacks of this game are not deal breakers, but a bit annoying. They only give you enough player pieces and A and B cards for 4 players but you can easily play with more people – we did. We just used pawns from another game and made some more A and B cards on slips of paper. The spinner was kind of a dud as well. We tried taking it apart, adding some things to lubricate it a bit and it still “stuck” quite a bit. It was just too cheaply made. Other than these couple of things we really did enjoy playing the game.

Great gift idea for board game players. A fun game that does not require skill and great for ice breaking.

Have you played Would You Rather? Would you play it?