How about a fun and easy project? Bookmark or pin this now because when the kids are off school for holiday break or stuck inside because of winter weather this will be a great project for them! We all have an abundance of cords these days for our smartphones, tablets, chargers, cameras, and more and they are almost all the same color, black. This project will help you easily identify which cord is which and is fun to make too.

Step 1: Pick out different colored tape. Electrical tape is best, and it comes in a variety of cool colors. Have your child choose their favorites. Think “color coding”. If you have two similar cables, use different patterns or colors to make them easily discernible. You can find electrical tape in the hardware or automotive section of stores and it is usually fairly inexpensive.

decorated technology cords - step 1

Step 2: Wrap your cord slowly from the bottom to the top in whatever pattern or color you and your child choose. We made a winding effect using two different colors, starting with green as our base. Wrap the tape around your power cord, making sure to completely cover the cord itself.

decorated technology cords - step 2

Step 3: Next, take your top layer (we chose yellow) and cut thin strips about ¾ the width of the tape itself. If your child is using scissors to cut the tape, then make sure to supervise your child. Tip – if an adult or teen is doing this you might find using a craft knife on a self-healing mat easier to use for cutting your strips.

decorated technology cords - step 3

Step 4: Wind the thin strip up your cord on top of the colored base.

decorated technology cords - step 4

Step 5: Now your power cord stands out. Repeat with the rest of your cables. Make sure to experiment with different patterns and color schemes to create fun combinations. Match your child’s playroom or bedroom to add a fun, decorative flair to your tech.

decorated technology cords - step 5

Easy and fun, right? If you want to try something other than tape you can take a look at the other wrapped tech cord project I did with embroidery floss. Below is a more pinnable image also that has all the steps combined into one image for you Pinterest fans.

Do you think you will try this project? What colors would you use?

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Use colored tape and tech cords for a fun and easy DIY