I just wanted to say a quick word about the ads now appearing on my blog that you may have noticed. These are a way for me to earn money and make it possible for me to do some of the giveaways that I do (like the $500 giveaway, the popcorn giveaway, the tablet giveaway, etc.) that are not sponsored by brands directly.

These are served by another company that I have contracted with and hopefully you will find advertisement shown that are relevant. If you ever find one that is offensive – that shouldn’t happen – please let me know. The ads will be seen right below the header, on the right sidebar, and sometimes on the large background area. A few will drop down from the top and may have video even. Again, they should be somewhat relevant for you.

As always, other sponsored content on my blog is clearly disclosed in the posts. I am always happy to answer any questions you have about what is or is not sponsored. While I do receive various incentives and payments for some of the things I talk about on my blog and other social networks, my opinion is always my own. I do not ever say things that I do not believe. It is tremendously important to me that you trust that I am being authentic and real always.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming…