Perplexus Epic Puzzle Toy

Another fun holiday pick today, this one Hubby really loves too! It is the Perplexus Epic which is a puzzle toy for ages 8+ (disclosure: I received this free at a toy event but opinions are my own and Hubby’s). Anyone who loves a good puzzle type challenge will like the Perplexus Epic. Hubby even did a quick video review on this toy for you all.


Hubby does a quick review of the Perplexus Epic


Hubby literally did not put the Perplexus down for a few hours once he picked it up. This would be a great gender neutral gift if you are going to a party with a gift exchange – and adults really will like this. You can find out more about Perplexus Epic and the different models on their website. Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Toys ‘R Us are just a few of the places where you can buy Perplexus. The Perplexus Epic and other models range in price from $20-$30. It is distributed by Spin Master (they have some of my favorite toys and games).

Perplexus Epic box

Have you tried a Perplexus yet, what did you think? If you have not tried it, do you think you would like it or know someone it would make a great gift for?