Recipe for a Safe Holiday

Personally I like to be an optimist and think that things will go well, however I do know that we have to take certain safeguards in our lives to help things go well. Safety and preparedness are really important in this regard. Nationwide Insurance (disclosure: they provided this “recipe” but I was not compensated and I am not even a customer of theirs) sent me their Recipe for a Safe Holiday and I thought it was a cute way to remind us all of some of these things.

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Nationwide Insurance’s Recipe for a Safe Holiday

As you prepare for the holidays over the coming weeks, you may be looking for the perfect recipe to complete your celebratory feast. But the recipe you need the most isn’t for a festive holiday cookie or a peach cobbler – it’s the recipe for safety and protection! According to Nationwide claims data over the past three years, there were almost 15,000 home thefts in the peak holiday months of November, December and January. Nationwide Insurance’s master safety chefs have whipped up a quick and easy recipe to ensure your family has all the ingredients to enjoy the holidays while protecting their home, belongings and family members.

Serves: An entire group of safety-conscious family and friends
Cook Time: 1 hour
Level: Easy
Expiration: Never!


· 1 fire detector per floor

· 2 new batteries (per fire detector)

· 1 pen

· 1 pad of paper

· 12 months of credit card statements, bank account records and product manuals

· 1 home inventory (This ingredient may be hard to find: in a recent survey conducted by Nationwide Insurance, 44 percent of homeowners admitted they do not document nor keep track of their belongings.

· 1 home security system

· Pinch of motion detection lights

· Handful of friendly neighbors

· 3 tbs. discretion

· 1 ½ cups of parking lot awareness

· 1 carton of distraction-free driving


Note: Before you start test and confirm you have one fire detector per floor in good working condition (change the batteries every six months!).

· Prep your travel by mixing up a home inventory prior to your departure:

o Sift from room to room, listing items as you go with your pen and paper. Consider following the same order every time you update the inventory.

o Sprinkle in credit card and checking account statements and manuals to confirm ownership for a more comprehensive list.

o Set aside a copy of your home inventory for  a trusted friend or let it sit in a safety deposit box. Re-serve after the holidays to share with your Nationwide Insurance agent.

§ This step of the recipe can be revisited after the holidays as you make one more batch for the New Year.

· In a large bowl mix together your ingredients for a safe and protected home:

o Mix 1 up-to-date home security system to deter burglars with a pinch of motion detection lights.

o Add a dollop of discretion (about 3 tbs.) to taste. Don’t post any information about your holiday travel on social media channels.

o Pour in the support of friendly neighbors. Have your neighbors pick up holiday deliveries if you are away for an extended period of time.

· In a separate bowl, combine 1 ½ cups of parking lot awareness with 1 carton of distraction-free driving. The holidays can be a busy time of year not only on the roads, but in grocery store and shopping mall parking lots. Be an alert driver and be safe!

· Whisk the home inventory, protected belongings and safe driving together. Serve with a side of happy thoughts and holiday cheer.

Note: This recipe is meant for sharing with friends, and not just for the holidays, it’s suitable all year round!

For more information on how to keep your home safe and what to do in the event home theft occurs, visit our Safety and Care page or contact a local Nationwide agent.

[Photo Source: Nationwide Insurance]