Setting Up Your New Mobile Device

Many of you were hoping for a new smartphone or tablet for the holidays, I hope you got what you wished for! I love all of my mobile devices and I am sure you will love yours once you learn all it can do and how to get things set up. Here are a few tips for setting up your new smartphone or tablet.

  • Check for Updates

    Just like when you get a new computer, there are usually updates that need to be downloaded right from the start. The same is true for smartphones and tablets. Go into your settings, then ABOUT (your device) and there is where you will generally find an option to check for updates.

  • Link Your Accounts

    Again, in your settings, you want to go in and add your various accounts you already have to keep things synchronized. This can be your Microsoft, Google, or iTunes accounts as well as other email addresses, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, and many other social networks and services. What you can link to will depend on your device and operating system, but you will have plenty of options.

  • Initialize Standard Apps

    Most devices come preloaded with many apps for services you already use. When you open them up for the first time you will have to log in and may have to authorize your device, it’s easy – just follow their instructions). Go ahead and go into each of them and get it all set up now so they are ready to go.

  • Watch Instructional Videos

    Just about every device now has an instructional video or tutorial of some type. For some it is on the device, for others it is on the manufacturer’s site, and you can find a lot on your wireless provider’s site also. These short videos can really help you in learning how to operate your device and find more functions that you had no idea even existed!

  • Pay Attention to Pop-Up Instructions

    A lot of devices (Samsung is particularly good at this) have little pop-up instructions for different operations in your device. These can really tell you a lot. You can disable them usually by clicking a box that says “do not show again”, but I recommend you leave those on until you are sure you will remember how to use those functions. New devices have a lot of things to learn and humans need repetition to learn.

  • Check Out the App Store

    Finally, get familiar and set up an account (if you do not already have one) in the primary app store for your device. For Windows Phones it will be the Windows App Store, for Android devices it will be Google Play, and for Apple devices it will be iTunes (it includes apps, not just music). Start with free apps to learn how to install them and uninstall them and get the feel for different things. There are often “lite” versions of apps that are free so you can try them before upgrading to paid versions that are ad-free or that have more options available.

These few steps will get you going with your new tablet or smartphone. Never be afraid to ask questions either, of your family, friends, coworkers, or anyone else. We all have to learn at some point and most people are happy to help you out. Check your wireless provider also to see if they offer free classes on using your device – that is a great resource!

So, what new device did you get for the holidays? Do you have any questions I can help with?