Recently I shared some picks on Instagram of my new lipstick and people were asking about it so I thought I would do a quick video review for you.

While I loved makeup when I was a teenager, the last several years I had not really paid a lot of attention to it. Now though I am enjoying it again thanks to some encouragement from friends and part of it has to do with my weight loss also (I’m doing a 1-year follow up on the weight on January 10 – stay tuned). So I needed some new lipstick and I decided to give the Revlon Colorstay Overtime a try – this is not sponsored, I just bought it on my own. What I like best is that the color really does last and last with this lipstick!


It is only about $7 so it is an inexpensive thing to try. I just picked up that second color yesterday actually and I plan on buying some others I think. Here are the Instagram pics:

keep blushing
Keep Blushing
infinite raspberry
Infinite Raspberry
 What do you think? Is this a product you would try?



Video transcript:

Hi everybody! It’s Robyn of and I wanted to do a quick share about the new lipstick that I’ve been using. I’ve posted about it on Instagram a couple of times and people have asked me about it. So what it is Revlon Colorstay Overtime. It comes in a box like this, and then here’s the tube. I have two different colors. The color I have on today is called Keep Blushing and it’s a light pink. And then the other color I have, which I bought first, was called Infinite Raspberry and it’s a little bit darker. What this is is a 2-step tube here and so the first part is the color and you can see it’s a little sponge applicator and you just put that on your lips and then you let it dry for a minute or so. It will dry matte and you will be able to tell right away when it is dry. And that part is going to stay and stay and stay and stay and stay. It does not wear off if you eat, if you drink, if you sleep, if you swim, if you shower. It stays on on there. What you need to use to take that off is actually some makeup remover. I use the same thing that I use on my eyes, I use on my lips to take this off when I’m ready to. It works really well. And then on the other side of the tube is the gloss part and it is just a clear gloss in a little brush applicator. You can reapply that one as you need to during the day. It does come off, but it is a nice gloss. It’s a little thicker, it’s not too thin so it stays on for a little bit and I really like it. I think it’s a great product. Again Revlon Colorstay Overtime. I bought this on my own it is not something anybody sent me. It’s about $7 at the store. You can find it at CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, places like that, anyplace that sells Revlon cosmetics. There’s quite a few colors to pick from and I hope you like it. Bye.