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Planning a Date Night in for Intimacy #KYDateNight #ad #cbias

Valentine’s Day is just a month away and so now is the time to start planning your date night. Hubby and I prefer to stay at home on Valentine’s Day (night) because going out to eat or to an event is usually packed with people. After 22 years together (our anniversary is February 15) we know that the big crowds are not going to put us in a romantic mood. Instead we make our date night special with a little yours and mine planning which makes the intimacy even better!

The first step is to decide who is in charge of planning which parts of your date night. Some of the responsibility is mine and some is yours we say. This way we can each have some surprises! Hubby and I both try to think of each others needs when we plan – those little things that make all of us feel safe and loved and cared for. We have learned that meeting those needs is one of the best things we can do for our marriage and our date nights!

Mine: In case you were not aware, I am not the best housekeeper (not even close LOL). However, one of Hubby’s “needs” is for the house to be relatively neat and tidy. Because I know this makes him just more content overall I will spend some time before he gets home picking up and making the house look nicer. This is a great time to put out the flameless candles too (real candles and 3 cats with tails do not mix well).

Yours (Hubby): One of my “needs” is for Hubby to leave his work stress at work. Hubby knows this and will work extra hard at letting go of whatever has bothered on his way home. This is something he has been working on really hard with our therapist so he has his own tools that he uses to make sure he is happy and calm when he walks in the door.

Plated Dinner for a Romantic Date Night In y #KYDateNight #ad #cbias

Mine: For dinner we will cook together but I will get the details of our meal planned, go to the grocery store, and do any prep work that takes a little more time. I avoid heavy foods and anything that is too fussy for this meal. Keep the menu simple and fairly light because who wants to get stuffed and just feel like falling asleep because you are so full right after dinner on Valentine’s Day?

Yours (Hubby): Since we are spending the evening in, Hubby will do things like make sure we have logs for a romantic fire and he will set up a playlist of romantic music that we can dance to in the living room. Yes, we really do that! We decided many years ago that roses, while they are my favorite, are just too expensive during this holiday so instead Hubby usually picks up a “gas station rose” for me on the way home. When we were teenagers he used to buy these all the time for me and so while they are kind of cheesy they also are sweet because he used to do it all the time.

Ours: Together we will cook and eat dinner together and be silly and flirtatious. Then a quick cleanup in the kitchen together before we move on.

Champagne and Candles for Date Night #KYDateNight #ad #cbias

Mine: I get the music playing, the lights dimmed and the candles lit.

Yours (Hubby): He starts the fire and opens a bottle of champagne.

Ours: We dance…

Mine: Later I will head to our bedroom and slip into something more comfortable, honestly that may just be a t-shirt but one of my better ones for sleeping, not the old tattered one (admit it – you have some ratty and tattered pajamas of some sort too LOL). I will set out the K-Y Yours+Mine Couples Lubricants that I bought ahead of time. Hey, it pays to be prepared ahead of time with intimate items like this, trust me! By the way, you can even order this online at Walmart.com if you are a little nervous about buying it in the store).

K-Y Yours+Mine Couples Lubricants for Intimacy Enhancement #KYDateNight #ad #cbias

Yours (Hubby): While I am changing Hubby will lock up the house for the night, put the cats away, and take care of the fire.

Ours: Okay, I think you get the idea of what happens next, after all, it is Valentine’s Day!

Here is hoping that you are your Valentine have a wonderful date night together too!