Around this time of year folks start falling off their goals to be more active. It is tough with the January blahs setting in. One thing you can do to help stave off those blahs is to use music – peppy music – to keep you moving and motivated!

Over the past year I have tried a lot of different devices to track my fitness and activity. Best Buy has a ton of different activity tracking devices available. Right now I am using a Jawbone UP and loving it. While I have already lost 120 pounds, I still have quite a ways to go with my weight loss and getting healthier. Regardless of what I use to track things though there is another essential, music. Whenever I exercise, having a peppy beat that is at my pace keeps me moving and makes the workout seem shorter even and that makes me happy because honestly working out is still not my favorite thing to do. Here are some tips for using music to get motivated.

  • yurbudsMake Playlists
    Find your favorite songs and make playlists just for working out. Think about warm up and cool down music as well as the peppiest songs for the actual workout.
  • Use Songs You Know
    For me, I find that using songs that I know the words to makes it even better. This way I sort of focus on singing along rather than wondering how much longer until I am done exercising.
  • Ask Friends
    If you have friends who workout to music ask them what some of their favorite songs are to use.
  • Keep Your Lists Updated
    Be open to adding and removing songs to keep your workout playlists fresh. If you do the same songs every single time you might start to get bored with it. Mix it up!
  • Use Good Headphones
    This really is imperative. You want headphones or earbuds that will stay on while you work out and that sound good to you too! I highly recommend using cordless earbuds – this means you are connected wirelessly to your music source.

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Do you use music when you workout or walk? What is your current favorite song to listen to while you exercise?