I promised you more on using the Philips Airfryer (disclosure: I was provided the Airfryer from SheSpeaks). Tonight I used it to cook some frozen egg rolls and crab rangoon.

For our main meal I made stir-fry. We have this often because it is relatively healthy when we make it at home and we can put whatever we like in it. Tonight we had chicken as the protein and for veggies I added onions, yellow bell pepper, broccoli, mushrooms, and carrots. My last trip to the grocery store I picked up some frozen items to go along with our next stir fry also because someone (sorry I forget who it was) said they really liked egg rolls cooked in their AirFryer. Normally we do not have these things when I make stir fry but I thought we would try it.

The brand I bought was Pagoda Express (no connection) for both the egg rolls and crab rangoon. Hubby is an egg roll fan, I am not. I however love crab rangoon, well at least I used to but I don’t really eat them often now, and Hubby is good with those also. We had not ever tried these frozen ones before though – we just used to get these things at Chinese restaurants when we ate out.

I just took a guess on cooking them in the Airfryer. I preheated (takes about 3 minutes) on 390° F and then I put in 2 of the egg rolls and all 8 of the crab rangoon (they are tiny). I took the crab rangoon out after about 8 minutes and the egg rolls I left in for about 13 minutes total. They were both crispy and hot and had a very nice texture. Just like I would have expected of them. For frozen food they tasted pretty good also.

Frozen egg rolls and crab rangoon in the Philips AirFryer

So overall this was good on ease of cooking using the Airfryer – much quicker and easier than heating up the big oven. The taste of the product was decent. The bad news though is when you look at the nutrition information on the packages. For whatever reason I did not do this when I bought them. Oops! One egg roll is 180 calories and 5 crab rangoon (1 serving) is 290 calories with 15g of fat and 7g of saturated fat. YIKES! They are fried when they are made before freezing which of course is one of the problems.

Hubby will still occasionally get an egg roll like this when I make stir fry. They are easy to keep in the freezer and the Airfryer is so easy to use and clean up. As far as the crab rangoon though, I doubt that will make the menu again because they are hard for me to resist and really not healthy enough for me.

I would love to find some ideas to make and freeze my own egg rolls and crab rangoon that are not fried at all. That way I can make them ahead and store in the freezer and then pop those healthier versions in the Airfryer when we have stir-fry.

Do you make your own egg rolls or crab rangoon?