dreary days

I have occasionally written about my dreary days before, well here it is again. Really I am a happy person, but everyone has their down days. Today is one of mine. What happens on a dreary day for me….

  • I may stay in my pajamas all day – and yes it is 5:30pm right now and I am still in them.
  • My brain feels stuck on these days. Not all day, but a lot of it. I have been trying to think about what to post about all day and am just now starting this post. Hopefully it goes well.
  • Avoid, avoid, avoid. My therapist will have a field day if she reads this post – but yes, on days like these I try to avoid a lot of things. It is safer that way.
  • Hubby reminds me to take my antidepressant. Yes, I take them and am not ashamed of it. It doesn’t mean I think everyone needs them, but they really can be helpful for some folks suffering with some depression.
  • Curling up in a comfy chair is my preferred spot on dreary days. I’m in my big red comfy chair right now as I write this.
  • Forced smiles as I work on social media items. Not forced as a lie, but because I try to smile as I work to make the right tone come out on Facebook, Twitter, etc. That smile boost is needed on days like today
  • My cats know. They always know when I feel dreary or ill. I love that about pets. They will come and curl up with me when I need it or stay away from me if I seem too grumpy
  • Decisions are torturous! Even something as simple as what to drink or what to watch on TV on dreary days are super hard decisions for me.

Sometimes there are things I can do to get over the dreary days like…

  • Exercise or activity – this sometimes works but it is incredibly hard to be motivated to do it on a dreary day. Today I was able to get on my elliptical for about 15 minutes but it did not seem to help my mood this time.
  • Tell Hubby about my mood for his support. We both try to be very understanding when the other is having a bad day and be extra supportive.
  • Breathe and repeat “it will be okay”. This would make my therapist happy because she tells us this all the time.

Now I am not the only one who has dreary days. Do any of these things sound like what happens to you on these kinds of days? What do you do to help get past days like this?