Warm Winter Drink Recipes: Amore Espresso, Domori and Rum Hot Chocolate, and Whiskey Cream Latte

The Polar Vortex is still here and most of the United States is still freezing. Luckily, I love winter so it is not bothering me so much. If you are feeling a need to warm up though I’ve got more drinks this week that should do the trick since you all liked the last warm drinks post. These winter drink recipes are from Illy, an Italian coffee company founded in 1933. Along with coffee they have a nice selection of tools and serving pieces you might enjoy. I am sure my coffee loving readers already know this company. Don’t worry though, the first recipe is for a hot chocolate for the non-coffee drinkers!

Domori and Rum Hot Chocolate Recipe

Domori and Rum Hot Chocolate

Chocolate and rum is a perfect pairing.  I cannot wait to try this recipe!

  • 25 grams of Domori Puertomar Dark Chocolate (this is a great brand of dark chocolate, in a pinch you can use the dark chocolate you have available)
  • 1oz of water
  • 1oz White Rum
  • Cold foam using skimmed milk
  • 1/3oz Vanilla Syrup

Boil water and pour into a serving jug sat in large saucepan of boiling water in the jug, melt the chocolate in 1oz of hot water, stir until melted completely. (You are making a double boiler to melt the chocolate in the water). Add 1oz of white Rum and stir well then pour it into a illy freddo glass. Combine 1/3oz vanilla syrup and 3-4oz of cold skimmed milk and whip it using a milk-shaker (no milk-shaker option: use a Aerolatte or steam the milk with the espresso machine and use only the foam). Pour the foam over the chocolate.

Amore Espresso

Amore Espresso

Amore for date night over the festive season. Illy created this recipe 14 years ago in Italy and it has been a festive favorite served in many of their cafes. It’s a sweeter and more balanced version of an Irish coffee, perfect if entertaining a loved one or a holiday date. Remember, you can modify the recipe and preparation to suit your needs if you do not have all the specified ingredients or tools available.

  • 2 shots of illy blend espresso
  • 1 1/2oz Disaranno Amaretto Liqueur
  • 2oz full fat cream slightly whipped
  • For the garnish 2 coffee beans and cane sugar

In a small steaming pitcher, add amaretto. Heat the liqueur for a few seconds using the steam wand on your espresso machine. Pour into a 6-ounce freddo glass. Prepare espressos and add to the serving glass. Gently stir. In a small bowl or mixing cup add heavy cream. Lightly whip so that it is still a liquid. Starting at the center of the glass, slowly pour/float cream on top of the coffee. Garnish with coffee beans and dusting of cane sugar.

Whiskey Cream Lattes

Whiskey Cream Lattes

I think I may have saved the best for last! Hubby will love this one! Great to serve at a festive brunch, the illy Guatemala Huehuetenango coffee is best as it is the sweetest of the MonoArabica single origins, the honey and caramel notes make an excellent pairing to the sweetness and milk notes of the whiskey cream.

  • 2 espresso shots of illy’s MonoArabica Guatemala Single Origin coffee
  • 1oz of Whiskey Cream e.g. Baileys
  • 5oz of Whole Milk
  • Grated Domori Chocolate

Pour Whiskey Cream into glass. Add 2 shots of Guatemala espresso coffee and stir until completely blended. Steam the milk like you would for lattes. Pour on top of coffee and whiskey cream mixture. Garnish with grated Domori chocolate.

Which of these are your favorite this week?