10 Good Things When Your Child Leaves the Nest by RobynsOnlineWorld.com My son has been out on his own since this summer. There are a lot of things I miss about not having a child at home but today I am focusing on ten of the good things that happen when your son moves out of the house. Hubby and I are officially “empty nesters” which feels odd because I think we are so young, but I guess age is not a factor.

Here they are, in no particular order (they are all good)…

  1. Your grocery bill goes down
    –teenage boys eat a lot
  2. Your sex life improves
    –you have the whole house to yourselves again
  3. Less drama
    –teenagers, you know?
  4. Extra money in the budget
    –no more can I have $20 for this or $10 for that
  5. Far less laundry
    –teenagers change clothes a lot too
  6. It is quieter around the house
    –ahhh, serenity
  7. You can go an entire day without hearing “whatever”
    –nuf’ said
  8. Far fewer bouts of eye rolling
    –this may not seem big, but you really notice it in a good way
  9. No one telling you that you are wrong about anything under the sun
    –how do children ever grow up since parents know absolutely nothing?
  10. The bathroom is a lot cleaner
    –again, nuf’ said

Can any of you relate? For those that have an empty nest now themselves, what am I forgetting on this list?