Midnight Moonshine

It is Friday and that means time for a drink! Hubby picked up some Junior’s Midnight Moon Moonshine in Apple Pie flavor at the store tonight. He has been watching that show about moonshiners on TV and I guess he wanted to try some. Granted though, this is not the same kind of moonshine they make in stills in the mountains and stuff. It is 70 proof – the same as a lot of other alcohols. Although, they also do have one variety that is 100 proof – wowsa!

Hubby is drinking his on the rocks. I tasted it this way also. The nose of it is amazing, it really smells like a fresh baked apple pie – not just an apple scent, but that bakery kind of smell too. The taste definitely has apple and cinnamon, but it is not really very sweet. It is very warm going down your throat.

You all know me, I like a cocktail. I went to the Midnight Moon website and found a Ginger Johnson Cocktail and decided to try something along those lines. I modified it a bit because I didn’t have club soda in the house, instead I put a little Sierra Mist in it.

Ginger Johnson Moonshine Cocktail (adaptation)

  • Orange Slice
  • 2 pieces crystallized ginger
  • Ice
  • 2 ounces Midnight Moon Apple Pie
  • Splash of Sierra Mist (or club soda)

Put the orange and pieces of ginger in a shaker and muddle (kind of mush it up a bit). Add ice and then Midnight Moon. Shake. Strain into glass filled with ice and top with a splash of soda.

Have you ever had moonshine? Either the real backwoods kind or the kind now available in stores? What do you think of it?