Hubby is at home sick today. Poor guy. Unfortunately, I am not the best nurse, but I do try. It got me thinking about when I was a kid all of the different things that happened when I was sick. Luckily that was not too often for me, but it is interesting that I have such strong memories of some of those times.

One of the things I remember most often when I was sick was baby aspirin. Those little chewable kind that tasted okay for about 3 seconds and then blech! That was the go to medicine I think back then but as a parent I do not think I ever gave my son an aspirin at all.


When I had an upset stomach I remember getting flat soda, cola or white soda, to drink. I still am not sure how that helped but I know it was not just my parents who did this. Saltine crackers and dry toast where what I was given to try out if I could keep something down.

My dad had a cure all for just about anytime I had anything wrong with me. A strawberry milkshake. We had a place called Velvet Freeze in town when I was little and they had awesome shakes, after they closed it was usually from McDonalds. Dad would always just pick one up or ask if I wanted one. I am sure it was not the best choice for a lot of ailments, but the comfort factor behind the gesture made a huge difference.


For cuts and scrapes Mom sprayed Solarcaine on us. It was always COLD when she sprayed it on. If it was really bad, we would get a Band-Aid on our owie then too. We did not have any fancy bandages, just the plain old flesh colored strips and they did their job.


One of the better things about being sick in bed was that we got to be all comfy and watch TV all day. Those fun game shows that we normally missed because we were at school. Plus the crayons and coloring books! Coloring kept me busy and quiet most likely. And as much as I like technology, coloring apps are just not the same as real coloring books and a box of new Crayola crayons!


Now Hubby’s family apparently used Campho-Phenique for a ton of things because he still uses it now as an adult. I mean we used it some, but he thinks it cures everything. Even a sore throat! He will dip a Q-Tip in the Campho-Phenique and then swab the back of his throat with it. GAG! I do not think it is meant for that but his dad did it to him growing up and he still does that and swears by it. I’ll pass on that one!


So what kind of things did your parents use for you when you were sick or injured as a child? Any crazy things? Are you surprised at some of the things that were used when you were a child?