I just got back home and was thinking about what to blog about today. I have to say that yesterday’s post asking about you all really made me happy. Well, not my post, but you all answering me. I had no idea about the things you all were interested in! If you haven’t, make sure to go back and reply to yesterday’s post. Back to today, I decided to just share with you about my day. Don’t get to excited though, it was pretty mundane, but it was still a good day.

Hubby is off work today. He works a goofy rotating schedule so his days off change a lot and it’s confusing. But today was a day off and that makes me happy because I like having him home with me. We really need to win the lottery so he can retire and be at home all the time. Before I don’t think I would have said that but we are in a very good place right now and I like hanging out with him.

He got up and had to run an errand this morning but he woke me up when he got home about 9:00am. Yes, I slept in that late and I was happy to do so. My body is a late to bed, late to rise type. I got up and got ready for the day.

First a little bit of work replying to some emails and checking social media channels. Then I had to call Verizon. I was having trouble setting up our new Verizon Cloud (disclosure: yes I work with Verizon but I pay for my own service with them because I like them) and I needed to get that fixed. We found the solution today – an obscure problem caused by me having a change order in effect for our next billing cycle to change my data plan. Their tech support figured it out and now it is all up and running – woohoo! That did take about an hour though only because it was a weird issue.

I worked a little more. Then Hubby and I went out. I have actually had a nasty cold/sinus thing/laryngitis the last several days and have been cooped up in the house. I needed out! We went a place new to us for lunch, McGurk’s Public House, an Irish pub. Hubby loves places like this. Cute place, basic pub type food but done well. They had cute little curio cabinets at all of the booths which is cool, but apparently people had taken things and so it wasn’t so cool to have empty spots and holes and stuff on them. I had a nice salad and a bowl of Irish Onion Soup which was really good. Hubby had a Rueben sandwich and house made chips which he said were both good. He liked the marbled rye especially. I asked him if it was from Schnitzer’s (anyone else get that reference?).

Curio cabinet with missing items at McGurk's Public House

Green Salad with dried cherries, walnuts, and gorgonzola and Irish Onion soup at McGurk's Public House

Reuben sandwich and house made chips at McGurk's Public House

I had a package I needed to drop off at FedEx so I asked Google Now on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (provided to me by Samsung) where nearby locations were and lo and behold there was one just a few blocks away. We ran by there and I took care of that errand.

We were going to head home but then I opened my mouth about going to get a new mattress set. We have been talking about it for a while but I guess today was the day meant to be. Mattress Firm has several locations near us and so we went there. I am pretty sure that is who we bought our last mattress from also several years ago. The old one was a cheaper foam type and we do not like it – but the service at the store was good. This time we wanted a traditional mattress and box spring set. I would prefer a king, but then I would have had to buy all new sheets and blankets and such too so we just stuck with the queen size. Jarod (our salesman) asked what kind of bed we wanted. We told him traditional and I said pillow top and Hubby said firm. Jarod told us that was a bit of an oxymoron LOL. We tried a few firmer pillow tops and I even thought they were too soft so we tried firmer beds without the pillow top and Hubby and I both liked them. We ended up with a Sealy set. We went through all the paperwork, why is there so much paperwork in this world, and then headed home. Since Hubby has a truck we didn’t need delivery. Back home we loaded up the old bed because Jarod said we could take it to the warehouse and they would dispose of it. Plus I had to clean out under the bed and vacuum. Yikes! It was scary under there! We got the old bed loaded into the truck and then headed to the Mattress Firm warehouse to pick up our new one. Luckily it was very close to our house. The guys there were not very talkative, but they were friendly and unloaded the old and loaded up the new. Back home Hubby and I got the new bed all set up. I took a little rest, not a nap, but a rest on it because you know you have to try it out some more. Jarod had told us that our new bed would probably feel firmer than the one in the store for a couple of weeks because it was new. He was right.


It is handy that Hubby has a truck. Here is our new mattress set loaded up and ready to take home!.


While we were waiting at the warehouse for them to pull our order I noticed this compressed bundle of plastic and boxes and such. It dawned on me that this is modern man’s sedimentary rock layers. My Earth Science teacher would be so proud that I remember about sedimentary layers!


Oh and where the warehouse was we also passed by the big UPS location for the St. Louis are and they had a cool UPS truck with flames on it parked outside! I had to swing into the parking lot and take this picture of it cause it is just cool!

Okay, now back at home after the bed is set up…

A little more work for me. More emails, responding to comments on my blog, etc.

Now it was time for dinner. I looked through the snail mail and found a coupon for another place that we hadn’t been before, Concetta’s, a little Italian place. We headed out for dinner and while this little place could use a bit of a décor update inside, the service was super friendly and the food was really good classic Italian. I ordered Veal Parmesan because it is one of my all time favorite dishes. Yum! We had plenty to eat and leftovers and there is a slight change I may have drunk just a tiny bit too much Lambrusco (ignore any grammar and typos in this post). It is a place we will go back to again.

Robyn and Hubby at dinner


Veal Parmesan at Concetta's in St. Charles, MO

Then back home, where I am now, and writing this blog post because I try to do at least one blog post every day. Hubby is sitting here on the couch next to me on his phone – probably on Facebook. Did I tell you all he got me a really cool and sturdy rolling desk for my desktop computer for Christmas? Well, he did and I can take my computer anywhere in the house with it. I’ll have to take pictures and share another time.

I’m finishing up this post now. Time to add some photos, do a little backend coding and such and then hit publish. Then Hubby and I are going to retire a little bit early and watch TV while laying in our new bed. We are going to drop our cable and just signed up for a 30-day trial of Amazon Prime yesterday so we are finding new things to watch.

So that was my day. What did you do today?