I am not old, but my eyes are getting older for sure at 43. That is okay, my eye doctor says it is completely normal. As a side note, make sure you have a yearly eye exam! One of the things that is harder for me to see now are the “fill lines” on the caps of laundry detergent. Now these were never actually easy to see because they are the same color as they cap which frustrates me. These days it is even harder so I have a solution to share.

Simply mark those lines on the outside of the cap! Simple I know, but one of those simple things that you kind of go “duh! why didn’t I think of that”

Laundry Tip   Fill lines on laundry detergent caps are hard to see

This is the detergent I use for Hubby and it has a clear cap and there are four fill lines that are incredibly hard to see. I mean really, who can see that?

Use a Sharpie to mark the lines darker on the outside of the cap

For a clear cap like this I just use a black Sharpie marker. Hold the cap up to light a bit and mark the lines on the outside of the cap with your marker. You might go over them just a couple of times too. Done!

Fill lines hard to see on laundry detergent caps

The other bottle of detergent has a blue cap. In this picture it is a little easier to see because the flash went off on my camera, but trust me in my laundry room it is still hard to see when I am pouring the detergent.

Place masking tape on the outside of the laundry detergent cap

For this cap I took a piece of masking tape and put it on the outside of the cap. Just make sure the cap does not have residue on it so the tape will stay stuck.

Use Sharpie to mark lines on tape of laundry detergent cap

Hold the cap up to a light. Now use your Sharpie to mark the line. Go slow because it is a little awkward to find the right spot, but just make a thin line on all of the measure lines you want to see better. I then turn the cap around so I can easily go over the marker line a few times to make it darker.

Solution for hard to see fill line marks on liquid laundry detergent caps

You can see when you hold it up now the lines are much easier to see! So simple, why did it take me so long to think about doing this?

BONUS TIP! If you use the same laundry detergent you can save your marked lid and replace the new lid with your already marked lid when you restock. It saves you the trouble of having to do it again. However, if your detergent changes its bottle design, formula, etc. then start with the new lid because the measurements they give may have changed actually.

I know some folks have a regular measuring cup devoted to laundry detergent but because I use different kinds and it is liquid I just prefer using the caps they come with. That is why I needed better visibility on the caps.

Do you have trouble seeing those fill lines on caps of liquid detergent or other products?



Here is a more pinnable image with all the steps if you want to share!


2 simple solutions for those hard to read fill lines on your liquid laundry detergent caps from @RobynsWorld  |  www.Robyns.World