Robyn is a #VZWBuzz Lifestyle Blogger for Verizon**UPDATE December 13, 2015**
The 25GB Verizon Cloud plan is no longer the current option. Right now customers on the More Everything or any of the S, M, L, or XL plans get 5GB of free Verizon Cloud storage. You can upgrade to 25GB for $2.99/month as well. Like all wireless companies, Verizon changes the offers and plans from time to time.


As always, a disclosure that I am a Verizon #VZWBuzz Lifestyle Blogger and am compensated. I am very happy to work with Verizon because I actually do love their service and use it personally. The Verizon things I share have my own personal opinion attached to them always. That being said, today I want to share with you about the Verizon Cloud service.

Use Verizon Cloud on all your devices - smartphone, tablet, desktop, laptop

Verizon recently changed their “Share Everything” plan to “More Everything” and that more included that your account is provided with 25GB of free Verizon Cloud storage space. That is a really decent amount of storage for most folks and if you need more you can upgrade and pay for extra if you want. In your Verizon Cloud you can store photos, music files, videos, your contacts, and even your text message logs (apparently good to have if you have ever watched an episode of Judge Judy). Once your items that you choose are in your Verizon Cloud you can access them from all of your device or just about any other internet connected device or computer around the world. This means that if you take a photo of your cute new little kitten with your smartphone you can share it (automatically if you like) to your Verizon Cloud and then you can easily access that kitten photo on your tablet, your work computer, your laptop at home or Great Aunt Jenny’s computer when you visit here next month. No need to email photos and files to yourself any longer. This also means if you drop your phone in the toilet (yes, that happens to a lot of people) that you haven’t instantly lost everything. Nope, everything you have saved to your Verizon Cloud is still in the cloud and once you have a new phone you can easily grab it all again as needed!

In the Verizon Cloud you can store photos, contacts, music, videos, documents and more

Now for me, I am a OneDrive user which is a cloud service from Microsoft. I have no plans to change because I have a lot of stuff there already and it works for me. However, I will still use the Verizon Cloud to back up my contacts and my text logs. In my family Hubby is the one who actually is utilizing the Verizon Cloud space more. He loves music and has LOTS of it on his devices but he doesn’t want to pay for a service monthly for streaming and storage of music so this cloud option is perfect for him. He could use other cloud services but he likes to keep things simple and he likes that this is all just part of his Verizon account and that the apps for using Verizon Cloud are pretty easy. I actually have my desktop computer set up under his Verizon account also in case he has some bigger projects that he occasionally (he rarely asks) uses my computer for. This also means that I can easily put things into his storage for him if he asks me to.

Setting up your Verizon Cloud is pretty easy. If you already are using the contacts backup especially. If not though, just download the appropriate app for your Android or iOS phones or tablets and there is also a desktop app and an internet browser based page as well. Right now it is not available for Windows Phone users though and no Windows 8 app (but desktop yes) but I hope they will be rolling that out soon. Hubby is all Android though so a non-issue for him. If you are not registered with an online account yet you will need to do that – very simple, just follow the instructions given. Then you log in, tell it what you want to sync and there ya go! We had one tiny problem with our setup initially. I actually had a change order in for our Verizon account and for whatever reason that was blocking us from getting the cloud set up. I called tech support and they removed the change order and everything instantly started working. Then I just added the change order back in. No problem. Hubby is using the Verizon Cloud app on his Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone and I have it on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone. It is also installed on my Windows 8.1 desktop computer. Hubby’s tablet we are still working on. This is a newer feature and sometimes there are little glitches but I’m sure Verizon will have that worked out soon and then that will be working on his Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 10.1 tablet also.

Select which of your items you want to backup to your Verizon Cloud

For Hubby this means he can listen to all of his favorite music, which is a lot of really old country stuff, wherever he is. On his phone, his tablet, at home, at the lake, at work, wherever. This is better for him that having to buy extra SD cards for his devices to store everything in each place. Now he can add and delete items and it will all be the same on all his devices! Hubby doesn’t take a ton of photos, but the few he does take he likes to have and this will make it easier for him.

Obviously, for the Verizon Cloud service you do need to be a Verizon customer (which I recommend honestly). It really is a great extra service they are providing and I think a lot of people will find it really useful and easy to understand. To find out more details, check the compatibility of your device, download the apps, and even see a video about how it all works check out Verizon Cloud on the Verizon Wireless website.

Confused? Questions? Ask away! I’m happy to try and help or point you in the right direction. I would love to know if you use a cloud service already too and which one.