HOUSEHOLD TIP: How to make your pots and pans shine again

Cleaning still is not my favorite activity and I still am not very good at it. However, I do like when I put in a bit of effort and get dramatic results like I did today. Apparently Spring really is in the air since I am starting to spring clean I guess. I have had my set of Emerilware stainless steel pots and pans since April 4, 2009 (one of the many perks of blogging is being able to go back and see dates of things like this – there is even a picture of the set new on that post). It has been a great set of cookware and I have no intentions of giving it up.

However, it has gotten a bit worn looking over the past five years. One pot in particular, the one shown here, is the worst because I make tea in it almost daily. I have scrubbed it using our regular dishwashing detergent and it goes through the dishwasher all the time – but it was definitely stained inside. The outside was looking pretty bad too including the copper ring. Time to try something new. I am not sure where this came from, but we had this little tin with a cake of Bon Ami in it and Hubby said it was good for all sorts of things. There is a chance it came in a swag bag or something but I just do not remember honestly. One day I took it and kind of rubbed it on the bottom of the pot which is what those squiggles were. That was just a spot test for me. It took me another couple of weeks to get a certain kind of non-scratch sponge I wanted and to actually take the time to put in the elbow grease to fully clean the pot but today was that day!

Bon Ami - Clean stainless steel pot | Robyns.World

BEFORE – this is the inside where you can see my test spot – but also still see lots of stains from making tea in the pot often.

Using Bon Ami to clean stainless steel pots

AFTER! Holy cow! Look at how clean it is now! I just took my microfiber sponge and wet it and then rubbed it on the Bon Ami cake and then rubbed the pot. It took a bit of elbow grease but not much at all.

Using Bon Ami to clean stainless steel pots | http://www.Robyns.World

BEFORE: The outside of my pots and pans were dull and sort of stained too. There is a copper ring around the bottom of well that was really icky looking. So the same sponge with a bit of Bon Ami and a little more elbow grease.

Using Bon Ami to clean stainless steel pots | http://www.Robyns.World

AFTER! Look at how it is shining! It is not like brand new, but it definitely looks 1000 times better to me. I think if I make scrubbing the pots and pans with this even once a month or so they will stay much better looking from now on.

Using Bon Ami to clean stainless steel pots | http://www.Robyns.World

This is the little tin of Bon Ami that I had. Usually you find Bon Ami in a can that is a powder though. I am going to have to pick up some of that. You might be able to see that my sink is shinier too (ignore the water – I just had not dried it yet).

Now after I had done this Hubby mentioned that he has used Comet on the sink and it worked well BUT when I looked at that can it had all sorts of warnings and labels all over it and it has bleach in it. Yes, those chemicals can really clean things up, but I do not necessarily want all of those chemicals if I do not need them. I loved on the Bon Ami site that they said just adding a little elbow grease is really all you need. That is far better to me than a lot of extra chemicals. There are lots of folks who are chemically sensitive or that have allergic reactions to some cleaning products who find that Bon Ami they actually CAN use. As an extra note, I did NOT wear gloves when I was scrubbing the pot and the sink with Bon Ami and my hands feel just fine still. I only put a little lotion on when I was done but it was just like when I normally wash my hands – no harshness or extra dryness or anything.

I am going to try the Bon Ami around the house on other things too. Hopefully with the same great results!

Are your pots and pans getting dull and stained? How do you clean them?