Camouflage Cake with Hunter Orange Icing

Hubby is a tad bit camouflage crazy if you ask me, but I love him anyway. He has tons of camo hats, shirts, pants, cell phone cases, you name it. That must come with the territory for a lot of hunters I guess. A few weeks ago we were in Walmart and we spotted a cake mix for a camouflage cake and Hubby instantly got happy. I told him I would make it for his birthday cake this year. As I have said often, I’m not really good with baking or icing, but I knew he would like to have this.

The cake mix was from Duff of Charm City Cakes, and while it was a good cake, you do not need a special cake mix for this camouflage cake. If you already have, or want to buy, food coloring you can totally do this with no special mix necessary. You can also do this with any colors you want too – it doesn’t have to be camo colors.

Duff's Camouflage Cake Mix Kit and Cream Cheese Icing

First, mix up your cake batter. You can use a boxed cake mix or make one from scratch. The box I bought was a yellow cake mix, but white cake would work also. Obviously a chocolate cake would be a problem since you want to make colors.

Mix your cake batter

Now divide the batter into four equal amounts in smaller bowls. You are going to make four different colors of batters. The kit I bought had one small packet of brown food coloring and one green food coloring. For the dark green I used 1/2 the brown and 1/2 the green. For the lighter green I used the rest (1/2 packet) of the green. For the light brown I used 2 drops of the brown food coloring. Then for the darker brown I used the rest of the brown (about 1/2 packet). I think the browns could have been a little deeper personally. If I make this again though I’m just going to use my own food coloring gels and I will be able to make it as deep as I like.

divide cake batter into 4 equal parts

Stir the food coloring into the bowls of batter really well. You want the color to be consistent throughout each bowl otherwise it will be a streaked cake. Yes, these colors look odd – but remember this is for a camouflage cake for Hubby.

stir in food coloring to each of the bowls of batter

Now on the package I bought the colors were all sectioned off neatly – umm, cake batter does not go like that. You know that batter spreads right away. Don’t worry about it. Just go relatively quickly, at least on the first layer. I just spooned in blobs of each color into the pans. There is no right amount to use each time – but you want to do several layers to get the best effect. DO NOT SWIRL AFTER YOU PUT IT IN THE PAN. If you swirl it that is a different look altogether.

spoon different colors of batter into pan


spoon different colors of batter into pan

Now bake according to the directions for the cake. No special times or anything needed.

Camouflage cake out of the oven

Let your cake cool before you ice it. Hubby loves cream cheese icing so I just bought a tub of that and colored it myself. He wanted hunter orange – this is that bright orange hunters have to wear when they go out deer hunting so that other hunters know they are people and not to shoot them!

I bought some gel food coloring, you can use the regular liquid kind though too. To get this color I used a ration of about 3 parts yellow to 1 part red. The exact amount will vary depending on the icing you are using and the amount you need to color. This is a fairly intense color though so you will use a decent amount of coloring. You can always add more though but you can’t add less.

Ice the camouflage cake with hunter orange icing and add some animals

You can see here that icing a cake is not a skill I am proficient at. No worries though, Hubby was happy. I was a little silly too and found some little forest animals at Michael’s Craft Stores to put on top of the cake. Yes, they were kind of cheesy but Hubby thought it was fun.

Hubby and his camo cake with hunter orange icing on his birthday

And of course you need candles! How else would you make your birthday wish?

Camouflage Cake with Hunter Orange Icing

And here it is sliced into. My family all thought this was a pretty cool looking cake and they all knew it was 100% fitting for Hubby! Bonus – it tasted good too!

Hubby and his camo cake with hunter orange icing on his birthday

See, Hubby even has a camouflage hat on. Here he is with his special camo birthday cake. Even if it did not look as fancy as a store bought cake and even if it had not had tasted great (but it did) he still would have loved it because I took the time to make it a special cake for him and he knows baking is not my good area. Doing special things like this for your special someone really makes a huge impact – I promise!

Do you have a camouflage kind of person in your family who would like a camouflage birthday cake? Or would you make this style of cake but with different colors maybe?