infographics logoThis week’s infographic was inspired by a great post I read yesterday from Janet, Humorous Things All Boy Moms Must Know. If you are the parent of a boy you already know that farts had to be on her list of things to know, and it was. Having raised a son it is indeed very true and frankly our husbands tend to be the same way. Hubby is 45 and still thinks flatulence is funny. And here is a little TMI – last night Hubby had White Castle sliders for dinner and I had to ask him to go sleep on the couch half way through the night because he had those totally silent and incredibly deadly farts happening while he slept! Peeeewwwww-wwwweeeeee!

So for today I found a Facts About Your Farts infographic to share. It actually is quite interesting. If you have boys be sure to share these facts with them too so they can appreciate farts even more! Gas is a gas!

What did you find most interesting about this infographic?


Facts About Your Farts Infographic |

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