infographics logoThis Saturday’s infographic is not a happy topic, but an important one. When I search for each week’s infographic I really try to make them topical either to events happening or just in my actual life. I suffer with depression myself. This strikes some folks as odd because I am generally a pretty happy person. But, we all have our “stuff” and it impacts us in different ways. While I do take an anti-depressant, the biggest help actually is therapy. Unfortunately, some parts of therapy make you deal with things you do not necessarily want to at the time and it can mess with you a lot. This is where I have been in my brain for about a week and a half now. For the first week I actually did not know why my depression seem to be showing its ugly symptoms again so much but after a therapy appointment this Thursday I knew why. The good news is that I am working on it, my therapist is helping me, and I know I will be okay going through this and be better for having done it. It is all a process.

I’m sharing this here on my blog because I know that there are so many others who also deal with depression. Some of you are undergoing treatment, some are not. I really want to encourage everyone to seek treatment for their depression because you can feel better! I promise! Even if you do not have health insurance look at mental health services in your area to see if they offer free or sliding scale services for those that need it.

Big {{{hugs}}} to all of you who are feeling depression right now. There are people here for you. Please do not keep suffering. And per my therapist – breathe, it will be okay.


Battling the Blues : An Overview of Depression INFOGRAPHIC

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