One thing I have noticed that I am doing lately is sharing with Hubby when he does something that is impressive to me. These may not be giant things, but they are things I notice. Apparently this has a fairly positive impact for him because he has mentioned them back to me afterwards and told me that he liked that I told him. Marriage means we are constantly having to stay on our toes I think and learn about ourselves – in a good way.

Now I have actually been pretty good over the years about thanking him for doing those thoughtful things for me. I am very lucky that he is so thoughtful – actually he is a “people pleaser” type of person so this bodes well for me. I try not to take advantage of that part of his personality though and I let him know it does not always have to be “Robyn’s way” – really!

But lately I am trying to let him know when he does something that I had no idea he could do or that he could do it so well. The best recent story had to do with when we bought a new mattress set. Since Hubby has a pickup truck we opted to go pick up the bed from the warehouse instead of waiting (and paying) for delivery. We got there and I took the ticket inside and the warehouse guys pulled the order and then loaded it onto the bed for us. Then Hubby stepped in and was impressive to me!

Hubby impresses me with knowledge of things like handy-dandy tie-down straps |

He had these little tie-down strap things that ratchet to make them tighter. I’m probably not describing that right, sorry about that. That helps explain why it impresses me though. The fact that he already had these things in his truck and then that he knew how to use them. Did you know that a lot of trucks have little hook areas to attach things like this? I didn’t. I thought that’s what those square cutouts around the top of the bed were – Hubby said no those are not good to use because it can scratch and damage the truck actually. So he proceeded to go around the bed of the truck and over and under the mattress and box spring putting all these straps on. Then he did the ratcheting thing – it’s kind of like when you pull the excess part of a seatbelt on an airplane to make it fit snugger, except this you just move the lever back and forth to make it tighter. Very handy little things I must say.  I just had no clue about the existence or these items let alone how to actually tie something down with them and make them snug! So I told Hubby – I’m impressed! Hubby looked at me a bit oddly and just sort of shook his head and laughed and did not know quite what to make of that. He did smile though too.

It really is these small things that impress me. Not to toot my own horn but I do not a lot of stuff – even if just in theory and not in practice. At least I think I do – sometimes a little too much. Hubby has such an entirely different knowledge and skill set though from me. He can fix just about anything which just baffles me because fixing things around the house is definitely not my area. Heck, I cannot even really use a screwdriver or hammer very well.

What I am learning is that me telling Hubby – actually speaking these things out loud to him – is important. He wants and needs to hear these things, just like anyone does. Sometimes when we are with someone for so long I think we forget to do this. And frankly, when everyday life stresses us out a bit too much we tend to comment easily on what our partners do wrong (or not our preferred way). So now I am trying to work harder on letting Hubby know more often those things he does which impress me. Those things that make me love him even more. Those things that make him just a very cool person.

When was the last time you told your partner that they impressed you?