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So normally I am not a big Peep fan, as confirmed in my Peeps Must Die post, but if you are including it as part of a cocktail it becomes a lot more appealing to me. I love this Peep-tini recipe from Sobieski Vodka (disclosure – I was provided samples of their vodka). This is one of those drinks that is just for sipping because it is rich, but oh so good! Instead of having the chocolate bunny splurge I suggest a Peep-tini for your Easter splurge this year. You can see here that I did not use a martini glass because I just realized I do not own any! ACK! I’m going to have to fix that soon! Seriously though, use any kind of glass that you like, the Peeps can’t talk so they will not tell your secret.

Peep-tini Easter Cocktail

Serves 1
Meal type Beverage
Occasion Easter
Website Robyns.World


  • 1.5oz Sobieski Lemon Meringue Vodka
  • .5oz white chocolate liqueur
  • 1oz cream
  • sugar, for rim
  • Peep, for garnish


Dip rim of chilled martini glass into sugar to coat. Add Sobieski Lemon Meringue Vodka, white chocolate
liquor and cream in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into sugar coated martini glass. Garnish
with a Peep and serve. Tip: you can cut a slit in the bottom of the Peep to help it stay on the rim of the glass!

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What do you think? Would the Peep-tini get you hopping?