Kids love anything that makes noise. As adults, we tend to like that noise better if it has some sort of musical quality to it. Here are a few smartphone apps that you should check out with your little kids and enjoy the music. These musical apps are suited for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers and even kids a little older may enjoy some of them also.

Musical Apps for Little Kids |

Sound Painter 2

Platform: Windows Phone

Cost: Free

A simple free-form app that lets your children draw and creates sound at the same time. The random play is fun, but you can also change the settings to be more specific if you would like.

Sound Painter 2 app (1)  Sound Painter 2 app (2)

Toy Xylophone

Platform: Windows Phone

Cost: Free

A very simple toy xylophone that you can view in either bright colors or wood tones. Play freely or use the built in song list of 90 children’s songs from around the world to learn to play.

Toy Xylophone app (2)Toy Xylophone app (1)

Preschool Musical Free

Platform: Android

Cost: Free, in-app purchases

Great app for classic toddler songs. Easy to sing along with plus an interactive elements. The kids can touch the screen to make characters do different things while the music is playing.

preschool musicaL
PRESCHOOL musical rubadubdub


Music Sparkles – All in One Musical Instruments Collection

Platform: iPhone, iPad

Cost: Free, In app purchases

Let your kids try out 14 different musical instruments by just tapping to play. Along with sound there are spectacular sparkles created as they play.

Music Sparkles App

Kids Musical Toys

Platform: Android

Cost: Free, in-app upgrade option

Super easy play for little ones by touching the screen or shaking the phone. When they do the instrument will animate and play a sound. Several songs to play along with, instrumental only.

kids musical


Have you tried any of these apps with the kids in your life? Do you have any other musical smartphone apps for kids to share?