8 Ways to work on WEIGHT LOSS - Practical ways that really help me!  | RobynsOnlineWorld.com

I have been at a plateau with my weight loss for a while now. It is easy to fall into a rut with weight loss just like anything else. Still though, I celebrate the 125 pounds I have already lost proudly! Now it is time for me to just re-invest in myself and remember to put some of these strategies in place and add some new ones to start losing again.

I have to share too that this time I feel different about having forgotten to do a few things lately. Before I would really beat myself up about eating too much, making poor choices, etc. and then of course I would eat more because I felt bad and then feel bad because I ate more…well you get the picture. It is a really vicious cycle! So sometimes I have a little twinge of feeling guilty, but more often I am able to think about it and say “it is okay Robyn, just move forward” and do just that. If I make a goal or plan for something and I do not make it, I still applaud myself for whatever effort or achievement I did make instead.

So here are eight ways I am working on for my weight loss…

  1. Exercise!

    Yep, it is a no brainer but still hard to do sometimes. Honestly, I just do not enjoy it – I know a lot of folks do, but I am not one of them. Too bad, so sad though Robyn – get off your butt and move!

  2. Use Small Plates

    This really does help me so much. When I set the table I use a small plate (like a salad size plate) for me and everyone else gets a regular plate. This way the smaller portions of food that I take still look plentiful on my plate. Can you see the difference here?

    small plate large plate

  3. Drink Water

    It is good for you plus it helps you feel full. Drink a glass of water about 15 minutes before you eat a meal especially. By the way, I used to always hate ice water and now I love it – especially if I can find that “soft ice” that is in little pellets. FYI Sonic and Lion’s Choice both have this ice and you can buy bags of it from them even.

    ice water

  4. Non-Food Rewards

    Do not ever use food as a reward for anything ever again. No, I do not want a cookie for being a good girl, thank you very much.

  5. Triumph in NSVs (Non-Scale Victories)

    The numbers on the scale are not that important. I continue to take notice of things I can do now that I could not do before and I share them often with family and on social media. This is a pic I took on my last trip on the airplane. I loved how much extra I had on my seat belt because before I used to always have to get a seat belt extension.

    Non-Scale Victories

  6. No Baggy Clothing

    For years I dressed in baggy clothing hoping to hide how fat I was. It does not work, it just makes you look like you are a really fat person wearing baggy clothes. As I have lost weight I have gotten rid of those big clothes and bought new ones that were more flattering to my current figure.

  7. Look In The Mirror – Naked Too!

    I have to take the time to really look at myself in the mirror to notice changes. It is important to do this naked too – hiding your image from yourself does no good. Be proud of the changes you have made and try to accept the negatives that might be there because of it. For me it is a lot of extra baggy skin right now.

  8. Snacks Portion Sized

    Do not eat any snack out of the bag or box it came in (unless it is single serve). It just promotes that “just one more” and mindless eating. I do struggle with this one especially and Cheez-Its are crack for me! ACK!

The thing is, this is my list. I am happy to share it but it does not mean what helps me will help you. We all have different “stuff” (issues) that cause us to do unhealthy things and our motivations are all different. Really think about you and what you can really do and what you really cannot do. This does not mean you shouldn’t have to push yourself, but setting goals that are so far out of reach just guarantees failure. Set yourself up to achieve!

Do you have any tips, tricks, or ideas that help you with weight loss, or maintaining, that you would like to share?