Keep kids learning with Bing in the classroom and at home too this summer  | While most of the USA has a typical school year with several weeks in the summer off, that really is not the greatest for our kids as far as retention and learning. My son is older now, but we always did things to extend learning in a fun way at home in the evening, weekends, and in the summer. We actually were a homeschool family for several years also and resources like this were always welcomed!

A quick disclosure that I do worth with Microsoft on a variety of projects throughout the year but today it is just me sharing something fun and interesting I stumbled upon with you.

Today I happened to stumble upon Bing in the Classroom which has a lesson plan each day for all of the cool Bing daily images they use. If you are not familiar with using Bing for a search engine (I use it instead of Google now myself), each day they have an amazing new photo as the background. There are little hotspots on the photos to roll over and click to learn what the image is of and facts about it. I have been doing that for my own enjoyment for some time but today I noticed the lesson plans. Cool!

Keep kids learning with Bing in the classroom and at home too this summer  |

Start on the main search page or here at Bing in the Classroom and you will see the images each day and then they have the lesson plans for different age groups even. It does not matter if you are not a traditional teacher in the classroom. As a parent, grandparent, aunt, etc. you can still use these to add some learning fun for yourself and the kids in your life.

Keep kids learning with Bing in the classroom and at home too this summer  |

You can be as simple as taking 10 minutes to look at each day’s photo together and reading the snippets or you can look at the lesson plans and get an idea of other things to talk about and discuss and more resources if there is an interest in exploring the topic more. I love that Bing has lesson plans for multiple grade levels available for each day. Just pick which one fits best for your family.

Summer is great for being unplugged, enjoying the fresh air, running and playing outside. However, we all know that there are times when it gets too hot in late summer to spend all the time outside, or there are some families who do not live in a neighborhood where they want to always be outside. Some kids have allergies that keep them indoors. And, there are some kids who just want to learn, learn, learn all the time and will be thrilled to have so many different topics over the summer months! Balance it all out to fit the kids in your life but do keep kids expanding their minds throughout the summer.

Did you know about the daily Bing images and info? How about the lesson plans? Would any kids in your life enjoy this?



PS Want more ways to help the kids, and you, keep your brains busy? Stay tuned in the next few days because I am going to be giving away another tablet computer!