Helpful Windows Key Shortcuts for Windows 8.1 |

Have you ever noticed that little key on your keyboard with the Windows logo on it? It is not just for decoration for us PC users, it actually is quite handy. The Windows key will do different things in different versions of Windows, but today I am sharing the functions of it as it works with Windows 8.1. This is not a complete list, but rather just the shortcuts I think the majority of you may find useful. Within different programs you use, the combination of keystrokes may do something else also.

  • Windows Key Alone
    This will switch back and forth from the start page with all of the tiles and your desktop
  • Windows + C
    This will bring up the charms menu on the right side of your screen
  • Windows + S
    This will bring up your search bar to search everything
  • Windows + H
    This will bring up the share toolbar
  • Windows + I
    This will bring up your settings menu
  • Windows + Spacebar
    This will bring up the menu to close, minimize, etc. the current window
  • Windows + K
    This will bring up the devices charm to see printers and such
  • Windows + PrtScrn (Print Screen)
    This will save a screenshot to your library
  • Windows + U
    This will activate the Ease of Access Center control panel
  • Windows + X
    This is my favorite as it brings up the Quick Links menu with all sorts of goodies on it!

Did you learn anything new in this post? Which of these Windows key shortcuts will you (or do you) use most often?



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