guess this tool

I am up at the lake this weekend and Hubby and I went into town (Perry, Missouri) for lunch and browsed around some of the antique stores. I found this interesting tool and thought we would play a guessing game like I have with other antiques in the past on my blog. This item is not so old that many of you would never have seen one. I can tell you that it would be very useful this time of year especially.

If you didn’t already know, I’m holding another giveaway on my blog right now for a Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet. You get an entry just for commenting on this post – but if you guess correctly what the item is you will get an extra entry too! Just one comment that includes one guess per person. You have until Monday at 5:00pm central for a chance at the bonus for correctly identifying this item. I will share the answer after that.

Good luck!




Well, sort of here is the answer! At the antique store they had a tag on it that read “corn cutter” and Hubby and I thought oh, okay it is to cut the corn kernels off the cob. After I posted this the other day though and I was not seeing that answer, but instead several “jar opener” guesses it made me start thinking about it. So I hit Bing and did several searches trying to find this same tool and see what others had it described as. Looks like it actually is a jar opener for old metal lids – that’s why the metal teeth on this. Next time I am at that antique store I will have to let them know to update their tag on that item if it is still there.

For anyone who guessed “jar opener” (or very close to those words) you get an extra entry into the tablet giveaway. Plus if anyone guessed something to do with corn – you get the extra entry too since that was what I thought it was initially. Of course, even if you did not guess one of those answers you still get a single extra entry just for playing along.