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Last week I was invited to sample a meal at a new restaurant, Bishop’s Post, in Chesterfield, Missouri (St. Louis). My friend, Karen Goodman of Arch City Homes, went with me to the event. Our food was complimentary on this evening, we just had to pay for drinks and tip and they asked for donations for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Even though the food was comped, my review is honest.

Bishop’s Post focus is on classic comfort fare. To me this means food we recognize and that is not overly pretentious but done very well. I am a big fan of comfort food so the concept appealed to me. The décor is comfortable in the restaurant as well. During our visit they also had a wonderful singer with guitar playing some light music that I really enjoyed. I loved the live music instead of piped in music, a very nice touch. Staff seemed knowledgeable and were very friendly, although I always find staff is on best behavior on even nights like this so it is kind of hard to judge.

Cocktails were on the agenda first and a glance at the menu shows several standards.

Bishop's Post Signature Cocktail Menu


The Orange Twist was my selection since it had Hangar 1 Mandarin Vodka. A nicely done cocktail that used premium ingredients. Very refreshing.


Orange Twist Cocktail at Bishop's Post

Karen opted to try a Moscow Mule as she had never had one before. This is a favorite drink of mine actually. She thought it was different and unique.


Moscow Mule Cocktail at Bishop's Post

Out our window we overlooked the Bishop’s Post patio area. Unfortunately, we had been having torrential rains that afternoon and it was not al fresco dining weather at all. The patio looks very pretty though and I loved all of the green surrounding it – it has more of a backyard look which I really liked.

Patio area at Bishop's Post


Our menu for the event was limited, just a partial selection of the full menu, but still plenty of options. Lamb is something that is becoming more common here in St. Louis, but it is still a nice find so Karen and I opted to try the gremolated encrusted lamb lollipops with oil cured olive and goat cheese spread. While I loved the description of these, the real thing was a little underwhelming. Lollipop appetizers usually have the bone frenched a bit more for a more stick-like presentation. A gremolata is usually lemon zest, parsley, and garlic but the coating on these were quite bland. Also, there was quite a bit of fat on these, more than expected definitely. The olive and goat cheese spread was very tasty and a nice sharp flavor although the appearance and placement a bit blah. I would not recommend this appetizer.

Lamp Lollipops Appetizer at Bishop's Post


Next up were soup and salad. I love soups of all kinds and so I decided to try Dave’s Spicy Seafood and Andouille Sausage Gumbo. This was my favorite item of the evening. The gumbo had lots of pieces of seafood and sausage in it and it definitely was spicy, which I like. A bowl of this gumbo with some nice crusty bread would be a perfect meal for me on a cold and rainy evening for sure. I would not hesitate in recommending this to anyone.

Gumbo at Bishop's Post


Karen tried the house salad which is mixed greens, red wine soaked onions, tomato, a large goat cheese crouton, parmesan, and a balsamic vinaigrette. Classic fare indeed and it was done well.


House salad at Bishop's Post

For the main course we had a nice variety for a partial menu to select from. On the full menu they offer a large steak menu also – Hubby would like that I am sure. Again, the menu focuses on classic comfort food and the entrees definitely reflect that.

My selection was the Maple Leaf Farms duck breast with sun dried cherry port wine reduction, sweet potato hash, and vegetables. The duck was tender and the cherry sauce was really well done and added just a tiny bit of sweetness. The sweet potato hash was very tasty and had a lot of flavors in it and plenty of bacon, however it was messy on the plate. I would have rather seen it put in a ring mold or maybe the duck leaning on top of it or something more appealing to the eye. The vegetables were carrots and green beans. The carrots were a little undercooked for me, but Karen liked them that way. Definitely a messy presentation on the veggies though. For price points like these I want my plate to be really pretty – it can be both pretty and comfort food all at once.


duck breast at bishops post

Karen had the beef tenderloin medallions with cognac peppercorn cream sauce, Yukon Gold smashed potatoes, and veggies. We both felt the presentation again was just a little blah. The beef and sauce though were excellent – cooked correctly and a deep flavor in the sauce. Karen felt the portion a tad small, I felt it was more than enough (but remember I eat really small portions these days so I’m a bit skewed). Her veggies looked prettier on the plate – but were the same as mine. Now the mashed potatoes were fine but they were not what I would call “smashed” potatoes – they leaned a bit more toward whipped actually in my book. Mashed potatoes are one of my favorite foods in the world and these were okay but not anything to write home about. The mashed potatoes and veggies all were under seasoned also.

tenderloin at bishops post


Finally it was time for dessert. Our server brought a tray over and described the offerings to us. Karen and I both immediately knew we wanted to try the bread pudding.

dessert tray at bishops post


It looked really pretty. The ice cream was delicious – Karen raved about it especially. The puddings were individual portions thought that had been made up ahead of time and obviously nuked in the microwave before service because only parts of it were mildly warm. If you like the mushy part of bread pudding you would be disappointed because this had a lot of crust since it was individually cooked. The berry sauce was too sugary as well.

bread pudding at bishops post


So overall the food was good at Bishop’s Post. I would rate the experience a 7 out of 10. There was nothing bad really in the food, but for the prices I expected them to do a bit better. Again, the food portion of our meal was comped, but it would have been $127.57 plus tip total for just 2 people. In St. Louis, that leans towards the high end of pricing for dinner. If you like comfort classics I still would say give it a try, I may take Hubby and try a steak dinner next time. I included photos of the menu and wine list below also if you are interested.


Bishop's Post Receipt (food was comped for me at this event, just paid drinks, tips)

Bishop's Post Menu (partial)
Wine list at Bishop's Post
Bishop’s Post tells the story of the name, full menu, private event info, reservations and more on their site and you can also find Bishop’s Post on Facebook and follow @BishopsPost on Twitter. Thanks again to them for inviting Karen and I to try out their establishment.

If you are in St. Louis, have you been to Bishop’s Post yet? What did you think? Even if you are not in the area, what would you most like to try on the menu?