Chasing Lightning Bugs

Do you remember when the nights were suddenly warm and dusk had arrived and all of the sudden little yellow flashes of light started appearing in the air? This was always so magical to me. It was like tiny stars had come down to visit us and share their spectacular light show in our little world.

There must be something magical about those lightning bugs. I have absolutely no bad memories associated with them at all, only very happy and relaxing thoughts of running around the yard with friends and trying to catch our little points of light. It was always in the yard and barefoot with the soft and cool grass tickling my toes as I darted around after them. Giggling was always heard too as their little antennae tickled our skin as we captured them in our gently cupped hands. Just a moment or two they would walk around so we could see them and then light up and fly off. There are no memories of a bad day before the show began at dusk and no bad memories after it was over and time to go in for the night. It is just all peaceful in my mind.

Chasing Lightning Bugs


Some nights we would have an empty peanut butter jar, glass no less, that we poked holes in the metal lid with an ice pick – boy we were tough kids back then – to capture these special creatures. I hope they did not mind too much, at least we always let them go after a while so they could fly off into the night and reunite with their lightning bug friends. Do you think they liked playing chase with us as much as we did with them? Kind of like the dog likes to run and play with the kids. Hmmm, I wonder. I think I am going to pretend that is how it is for them anyway.

Chasing Lightning Bugs


It seems many people use the term fireflies now instead, but to me they are always lightning bugs. Each time I see one it makes me smile. Each time the light flashes the memories of a carefree childhood race back into my mind. Dear little lightning bug, you are the only bug I really love.

Do you have memories of catching lightning bugs as a child?



photo sources: Nature’s Nightlights by Chiot’s Run on Flickr, Fireflies, lightning bugs round the old oak tree by Otto Phokus on Flickr; Firefly by Kristine Paulus on Flickr