favorite childhood fireworks

When I was a kid we all shot off fireworks. I mean everyone! The kids and the adults actually. There were not nearly as many big displays by cities, festivals, and such back then. The firework stands went up in June and we could not hardly wait to get our hands on some. Back then they were wooden stands too, not tents, and they were cooler to me for some reason. Now as a mom, I’m not too crazy about fireworks, the worry wart comes out in me. But, for this week’s Throwback Thursday I thought I would reminisce about some of my childhood favorites.


This was a requirement for kids on 4th of July. You couldn’t light them with a punk, you had to have a lighter or a flame. The adults usually brought out a bug candle that was lit for us to all light our sparklers with. The small ones were boring, but we all loved those giant ones even though we got bored waving them halfway through.

Snake Fireworks


This was one of the fireworks I was allowed to “shoot off” by myself when I was pretty young. Remember they came in a little box and there were like 6 little black pellets in the white paper? We had a sewer between our yard and neighbors and my dad told me to go and light them on the sewer lid so I didn’t get black stuff all over our driveway. These little suckers were magical to me.

Snap 'N' Pops Fireworks


As kids we are so easily entertained. Honestly though, as an adult I sometimes find these fun too – but I’m easily amused. Throw them, hard, and hear them pop. All that messy sawdust though and when you got a dud that didn’t pop you felt so ripped off!

Smoke Bombs


These were just always so pretty and we were convinced they kept the mosquitos away (not). I liked to put them in the mailboxes for some reason. Today’s smoke bombs are lame compared to what we had as kids. Remember rolling them down the street and they left the little dotted line of color?

Fountain Fireworks


I don’t care how big or little, but I love the fountains. It was like I had my own mini volcano right there in front of me. The ones that had the reports in them and extra crackles were even better!


Parachute Fireworks


This is what the adults used to satiate the kids during the day before the big fireworks happened. They would get a couple of the parachute fireworks and gather up all the kids. The adults would light them, all of us kids would watch it go up into the air and then run to try to be the one that got the little parachute guy (or cork) before the other kids. These were like gold to kids.



It just is not 4th of July without firecrackers. Although, if you were just lighting them one at a time it was a bit lame. There was that thrill though of lighting it and throwing it before it could explode in your hand. The big kids (dads) would always buy a couple of giant bricks and light them all off at once which thrilled all of us, but made a big mess!

Bottle Rockets


I would be remiss if I did not include bottle rockets on the list. This was another of those fireworks that were shot off for a week or two before 4th of July. Boys in particular seemed to love these, Hubby still does. Black Cat brand were the best ones. Whistlers were awesome too. You always need a glass soda bottle (yep, I’m that old) or a pipe stuck into the ground to launch them out of.

I just did a post over at The Online Mom too about some 4th of July apps that you might enjoy. A little something for everyone including some fireworks apps if you want to ohh and ahh in safety. If you need some ideas for food, crafts, decorations, and the like for the holiday weekend, check out my Red, White, and Blue Pinterest board too.

Did you shoot off fireworks as a kid? Do you let your own kids shoot them off now? What was your favorite?