infographics logoJuly is National Ice Cream month. I say we all need to celebrate this with a scoop of your favorite flavor! This week’s infographic is “Stuff You Didn’t Know About Ice Cream” which includes the fact that the waffle cone was invented in my hometown of St. Louis in 1904. Yes, it says that some people dispute that fact, but being a St. Louisian I go with it being true. We are also home to toasted ravioli which is just as yummy as ice cream.

We tend to buy vanilla ice cream the most in our house because then you can top it with anything you like or add the ice cream as a topping to cobblers, pies, and all sorts of other yummy goodness. Hubby’s favorite ice cream is cookie dough though and he puts peanut butter and Hershey syrup on it.

What’s your favorite flavor? What are you favorite toppings? Are you a cup or a cone person?



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 Stuff You Didn�t Know About Ice Cream