Coffee Filters to Cheese Graters: Creative Ways to Use Just About Everything!   This is a FANTASTIC book filled with USEFUL tips and tricks!  |  (affiliate link)

I am always amazed at the clever and creative ways that folks come up to use items in a non-traditional way. My friend, Tara Ziegmont of Feels Like Home, is great at this and has written an eBook filled with amazing ideas. When she asked if I would like to be an affiliate I said yes because a. Tara is brilliant and wrote a useful book and b. Tara is a dear friend of mine. Coffee Filters to Cheese Graters: Creative Ways to Use Just About Everything (that’s my affiliate link by the way), contains hundreds of ideas on how to use everyday items you already have in your home in different ways. The book just launched today (July 14) and there is plenty of excitement.

As I read the book myself I cannot tell you how many times I said, “oh my gosh, I didn’t know that!” or “why didn’t I ever think of that?” Really amazing, practical and useful ideas for cooking, cleaning, crafts, kids, beauty, household, and even gift ideas. Here are a few of my favorite things from Coffee Filters to Cheese Graters:

  • Muffin Tins:  Freeze 1/2-cup quantities of homemade chicken or turkey stock. Once they’re frozen, you can pop them out and place in a gallon-sized zip top bag for easier long term storage.
  • Cheese Graters: Radishes. I dislike radishes, but I’ll eat them if they’re grated into tiny pieces. Your kids probably will, too. When I was little, my mom called grated radishes “red cheese,” and we gobbled them up.
  • Oranges: Start a fire. Orange oil is highly flammable, so if you wrap or crumple dried orange peels in newspaper, they will help a small fire to catch up and get going
  • Salt: Make your cheese last longer. If you wrap cheeses in a paper towel soaked in salt water before sealing them up in a zippered plastic bag, the salt water will prevent mold from growing.
  • Coffee Filters: Absorb excess oil. When you fry foods, lay them on top of a coffee filter on a plate to soak up any excess oil and prevent it from forming a puddle on the plate.

Did you know about all of those things? I sure did not. These are all things that I am going to try out right away along with so many of the other ideas.

From the author:

Are you tired of wasting your money on the latest kitchen tools and cleaning products? The things you already own can go the extra mile for you if you let them, saving you all those steps and keeping your money where it belongs – in your wallet. In Coffee Filters to Cheese Graters: Creative Ways to Use Just About Everything, you will find lists of 10 or more new uses for 44 everyday household items. Including everything from using your bundt pan to bake potatoes to making mini meat loafs in your muffin tin to using salt to clean coffee-stained mugs, this book is the answer to questions you didn’t even know you had!

You can purchase Coffee Filters to Cheese Graters: Creative Ways to Use Just About Everything at special launch prices this week. Act fast before the price goes up!

  • Monday and Tuesday (July 14 & 15) the price is only $2.99
  • Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (July 16, 17, 18) the price is $4.99
  • Saturday and forward the price will be $6.99 and still totally worth it at that price!
  • BONUS! If you purchase the book between July 14 and July 20 you will get a set of 10 printable bonus pages (a cleaning checklist, a list of recyclable items, and an alphabetic index of all the recipes in the book) and access to a 10-day Getting Started challenge during which you can win a $50 Amazon gift card.

Tonight join in the fun on Twitter for the #livesmarter party at 8pm ET where @TaraZiegmont will be giving away copies of the book even.

More into Facebook? No worries, there will be a live party on the Feels Like Home Blog Facebook page Tuesday, July 15 at 8pm ET as well with more copies of the book to be given away!

On Wednesday, Tara is doing a free tele-class called Live Smarter: Save Time and Money by Using What You Already Have at 8pm ET. In order to get the information for the call be sure to register in advance for the free class. More free copies will be given away during this event too.

I hope you will purchase the book, I promise you it is useful. You know I would not gush about something unless I really loved it. The eBook format is easy to read, easy to get, and saves trees.

Did you (or will you) be buying Coffee Filters to Cheese Graters? Will you be attending any of the parties or classes this week?