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This weekend Hubby and I headed to the lake which is only about 30 minutes from Hannibal, Missouri. On Saturday we decided to do something different so we went to the Mark Twain Cave up in Hannibal. This cave tour is a pretty easy one and while it may not be filled with lots of stalagtites and stalagmites, it is still an interesting cave and the history that is told by the tour guide is interesting as well. I used my smartphone to take pictures during our tour. My Nokia Lumia Icon, supplied to me by Verizon as part of #VZWBuzz Lifestyle Ambassadors, and once again I was amazed at how well the camera did. All of the photos in the slide show are taken without any flash and there are no filters applied. There is lighting inside the cave, but it is pretty minimal. The Icon did a phenomenal job of using the light available to take great pictures.

If you are in the Hannibal area sometime I would definitely recommend the Mark Twain Cave tour. There is another cave there now as well with a tour but it was closed for the season during our visit. We also stopped up the hill at the Cave Hollow Winery for a wine tasting and picked up a couple of delicious bottles of red wine. It is a nice little day trip from St. Louis.

A few more fun pictures. I love this little photo ops where you put your face through. Always such fun I think. This is me, as Becky Thatcher, and Hubby, as Tom Sawyer.
mark twain cave tom and becky

And this I just got a chuckle out of. The public restrooms are in this building at the cave grounds. Outside on the poll they had this sign for the trolley tour that comes by here. It is marked “loading area”, I made the comment, “this is actually the UNloading area.” A young boy was standing there with his family at the same time and he cracked up at my little joke. I love kids!
mark twain cave trolley loading area

Have you ever been to the Mark Twain Cave or the Hannibal, Missouri area? What do you think? Have you been to other caves around the country or the world?