Food for Sleep - A science-based recipe of 100% good stuff #FoodForSleep

I have talked about my issues with not sleeping well many times. When I was approached by Food for Sleep to try out their product I was happy to say yes. What intrigued me was that this was not a drug with ingredients I really did not know much about. Instead Food for Sleep is made with tart cherry juice and whey protein.

While Food for Sleep, or any other supplement or pill for sleep, is not a long term solution, it can help us when we need it. The makers of Food for Sleep want us all to really look at our own sleep patterns and activities that might be contributing to our problems with sleeping. I am keeping a sleep diary right now to help me see my own patterns.

I have tried the samples I received from Food for Sleep twice now and so far what I have found…

  • It actually does help me fall asleep
    About 15-20 minutes after I drink it I get pretty relaxed and sleepy. This is unusual for me but it is a very good thing!
  • When they say tart, they mean it!
    The tart cherry juice is very tart. I actually talked with the CEO, Bob Jones, of Food for Sleep about the taste. My question was could they make it taste better, his answer was that they could but that would mean adding a bunch of sugar or flavorings and that they wanted to avoid that. I thought that was a great answer actually and I would rather deal with the taste for just a minute than have the extra sugars and flavorings.
  • I don’t feel “hungover” the next day
    When I use things like Benadryl to help sleep I always feel groggy the next day, kind of like a hangover. With Food for Sleep I did not have this at all, as a matter of fact I felt pretty bright and alert in the morning.

I am giving it a few more tries and I will share with you more about it then. You can see what others are saying on your social networks by searching for: #FoodForSleep

What do you think of the idea of just these two main ingredients of the tart cherry juice, to help you fall asleep, and the whey protein, to help you stay asleep? Do you have sleep issues? If so, what kind?