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Sleeping has always been a problem for me, not every night, but it goes in spurts and it definitely impacts me the next day. I have done things like get a new bed, new pillows, and various other things but rarely did I try changing my habits. When Food for Sleep approached me about trying their product (disclosure – I was sent samples and compensated) I said yes because it was, I thought, another “simple” way to help me sleep – drink this and you’re done. Well, Food for Sleep has a totally different approach actually. Yes, they have the product to help but they really want to help you with your habits also to help you with a better night’s sleep.

These are some steps I have taken that have improved my sleeping:

  • Get Up Earlier
    This may sound like a no brainer, but I have always been more of a night person and never a morning person. So I thought. Instead of going back to sleep in the morning after Hubby leaves for work I am now getting up and starting my day. It actually has gotten easier and easier to do this and on the weekends Hubby is shocked that I am usually up before him. Since I am waking up earlier I am more tired in the evening and not just laying there in bed staring at the TV.
  • Exercise
    On the days I exercise, or just am simply more active, I always sleep better at night. Using the Food for Sleep Sleep Diary I was able to track this and recognize the pattern easily.
  • No Stress Before Bedtime
    Since my son and his girlfriend have moved in with us there has been a bit more stress in the house. Hubby and I have started retreating to our bedroom a little earlier to just unwind and be less stressed before sleeping. On nights where I cannot do this and there is stress I definitely have more trouble falling asleep.
  • Night Beauty Routine
    Recently I started making more of a “ritual” of my nighttime beauty routine. I am just being more mindful while I am removing my makeup, moisturizing, putting on jammies, etc. Simply taking notice that I am taking care of myself and working on relaxing during that time has helped me get to sleep sooner.
  • Using Food For Sleep If Needed
    Some nights I still have trouble and when I notice it I grab the little bottle of Food For Sleep and drink it down (quickly because it is “wicked tart”). Within about 15-20 minutes I can feel the impact of the tart cherry juice kicking in and I am usually able to get to sleep. The whey protein does seem to help me stay asleep also and there is no hung-over feeling like I used to get taking over-the-counter sleep aids.

Food For Sleep

There are a couple of really bad habits that I still have though that I have not yet been able to shake. First, I always have the TV on when I go to sleep. I set the timer for it to go off after a certain amount of time, but it is always on when I am going to sleep. My brain just goes round and round thinking about other stuff when I have the TV off. My second problem is my smartphone. I have a very bad habit of picking them up and checking on things often before I go to sleep and if I wake up at night. If I can work on both of these bad habits I think my sleep would improve even more.

Hubby actually has been having some issues with different things lately and finally he asked the doctor for something. He gave him a prescription for Ambien. When I picked up the meds for him I read all the drug information and warnings they provide and I thought YIKES! It may help you sleep, but it may make you do a lot of crazy things. This is a very temporary “fix” for Hubby though hopefully and he will not stay on it. I am much happier to simply use Food for Sleep instead and know that it is just simple tart cherry juice and whey protein and it is not going to make me do things in my sleep or have all those negative side effects.


The cost of Food for Sleep is $4 per bottle (one dose). This struck me as expensive when I first heard it but after using it I really think $4 is a great deal to help me get a full night of productive sleep. It is not something I take everyday, so to order some and have a few bottles on hand for those times I do need it really makes economical sense to me.

This really is a product I will be continuing to use on my own and that I highly suggest you look info if you have sleep issues. Check out their page that talks all about why and how we sleep for a lot of great information.

Would any of the changes I have made to my habits be helpful for your sleeping issues? Do you have any tips of your own you would like to share?