The Better Chip - Review

The folks at The Better Chip sent me some samples to try out recently. Good stuff. Hubby and I both enjoyed tasting the different varieties. What makes these unique is that it is not a flavoring they add to the outside of all the same chip – instead the ingredients are actually in the chip!

    • Fresh Corn – This was one of my favorites. It actually has fresh whole corn mixed in with the corn masa flour. It gives this chip an every so slight sweetness, just like fresh corn on the cob has.
    • Beets – While these are good, they were our least favorite. I just wanted a bit more beetiness – they would be great with a dip though!
    • Chipotles – If you like spicy these are the ones to get. Too spicy for Hubby, but just right for me!
    • Jalapenos – I thought this might be the spiciest but instead it just has a nice medium level of heat. You can see the little pieces of the jalapeno in the chip too. Perfect for salsa dipping.
    • Spinach & Kale – Hubby really shocked me by proclaiming these to be “freaking awesome” and snatching the bag up for himself. This is not a combination he would have ever picked off of a shelf on his own but he loved them. They really had a lot of flavor – all good.

The chips are also Verified by the NON GMO project, certified gluten-free, and vegan friendly. Now you are still getting calories, the range of calories per serving is 130-150 and that is with 2 servings per bag – these are the small bags that most of us would consider single-servings. But hey, they are still chips. They also stood up well and resisted breaking but they are not so hard that it makes them difficult to eat.

Overall a good chip. The Better Chip website says you can find them in the deli aisle or you can order from Amazon.

Which flavor would be your favorite?