infographics logoFashion Weeks are happening this time of year and high heels are a big part of all the runway shows. While I adore so many of the gorgeous shoes, I know I cannot wear the majority of them. Before I lost weight I only could wear flats, now days I can wear heels, but nothing too high. I bought a cute pair of booties with higher heels a while back but have yet to wear them out. Before I bought them I tried them on in the store but did not walk around – bad move! The look great but I walk really funny in them. Ugh.

Anyway, I thought this infographic about high heel shoes that includes the pros and cons of them was pretty interesting. For me the biggest con that they list is ankle sprains I think because I would definitely fall down and hurt myself wearing 6″ heels!

Do you wear high heels? What problems, if any, do you have with your feet when you wear them?



The Pros and Cons of Wearing High Heels #Infographic

Infographic Source: HelloMD