seahorse logoThere are so many ways to share our photos these days that it can be a bit overwhelming. When I find a tool that is remarkable, like the new Seahorse app, I always want to share it with you. This one is perfect for sharing photos of specific events with specific friends. Even if you do not use a smartphone you can use Seahorse on your computer! I love this since I do have a few friends and family that are quite happy with their basic phones but I still want to share with them.

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The photos and videos within the Scenes are co-owned by you and the friends you add to that particular scene. The items are uploaded at their original size even so you can download the full image your friend uploads or they can download the video you shared in the scene.

This Sunday we are having our monthly birthday party and game night. We do this each month and celebrate anyone’s birthday in that month, have dinner, birthday cake, open presents, and then we play games together. All of us have phones and snap photos and now with Seahorse I can create a scene and invite all of my family and we can all instantly share the images from this Sunday’s party!

You start by creating a “scene” which will be a group of photos from a specific time, place, or event. Just tap on New Scene and you can add whatever title you like and then add your friends. The friends you add will be able to see your photos, upload their own, like, and comment on any of the photos from that scene. I’ve made a scene for the Type-A Conference I just attended this weekend as well as one for photos from trips to New York City.

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Adding friends is very easy and you can just add their email address even. If they are not already Seahorse users they will be sent an email and can join if they like. An amazing feature is that you can add friends to only some of your scenes – they are not automatically added to all of them. So I have added Hubby and my mom for my NYC Scene, but they are not on my Type-A Conference Scene. My friends Jackie and Nicole are only on the Type-A Scene, but not NYC.

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When you are viewing a scene, you can sort the images by last added first, oldest date first, newest date first, or sort by friend that uploaded them. This makes it easy to see an event in order from all of the pics or to see who added what which is perfect for things like this conference I attended.

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For my New York Scene having the photos sort by date taken (ascending or descending) is great because these pics are from multiple trips I have taken. As I keep adding to this scene I can see over time how things in the city may change.

This would be great to make a scene of each of your children too and have an instant timeline of them growing up!

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The ability to see photos by location is also very cool. I have this screenshot zoomed out a bit so you can see all of the USA, but you can zoom in closer and the photos will divide up even more. Perfect for travelers or even for those of you who are not traveling away a lot but do a lot of things around your own area at different places. You do have to have the location services for when you take the photos turned on for this to work automatically.seahorse app on note 3 (6)

Adding images to Seahorse is very simple. Just click the camera icon at the top and you can select to take a photo or video right then, import from your gallery, or import from other services like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, OneDrive, and Dropbox. This makes it easy to start creating new scenes from events just happening or to create scenes from past events.seahorse app on note 3 (3)

At the bottom of the Discover tab you will also find “Flashback” which will show you photos from the same date in previous years. I did not have any photos from this same day from previous years added yet – but I adore the idea of this feature. Birthdays come to mind especially! Just tapping Flashback I will be able to see previous years of what was happening on my son’s birthday, my birthday, etc. How fun is that? There is another feature there called “Magic” which pulls together little collections randomly also. Nice for just spending some time reminiscing. When you are using magic just shake your phone for random images from across scenes to discover a forgotten moment, milestone or celebration!seahorse app on note 3 (4)

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Seahorse is a free app available for android and iOS (hopefully they will add Windows Phones soon). Remember that your photos and videos are stored on the Seahorse secure cloud. You get some free storage when you sign up and you can earn more free storage by completing simple tasks (using the app) and inviting more friends. Seahorse says they will not take away your free storage quota either!

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The wonderful folks at Seahorse are offering an extra 5GB of storage for you. Just enter the promo code: CLEVERHORSE before October 31, 2014. To redeem tap the icon on the top left corner to access your account settings, tap “redeem”, tap “write code” and enter CLEVERHORSE, tap Go on your keyboard. That’s it!

Follow @seahorse on Twitter and like Seahorse on Facebook.

Honestly I review a lot of apps – you all know I love apps. Some I review and while they have great qualities I may remove them because I would not really use them. Seahorse is not in that group at all. Having only played with it a bit the last few days I already love it and plan on continuing to use it on my own with family and friends. If you see me in person just ask me to show you the Seahorse app on my own phone even.

What do you think of Seahorse? Will you be trying it out or have you already? Who would you make and share Seahorse Scenes with?



I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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