This post is the first in a series I will be writing about my experience at the 2014 Type-A Conference on social media.

#TypeACon 2014 Robyn Wright, Hillary Chybinski and Mack Collier
Robyn Wright, Hillary Chybinski, and Mack Collier at the Type-A Conference 2014 in Atlanta, GA

The opening keynote speaker at the 2014 Type-A Conference was the amazing Mack Collier. You may have heard of @MackCollier and his legendary #blogchat that he hosts every Sunday evening on Twitter. That was actually my first introduction to Mack, the chats, and then I met him in person a few years ago at the Dell Cap event. He is a charming man with a sweet Southern accent and has a great perspective on social media.

Here are the notes I tweeted out live during Mack’s keynote in case you missed them…

The tools Mack is referring to are our computers, smartphones, tablets, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and the like. We can all use these to create, share, and view content on our own about a brand or content from a brand directly.

We all see this so much from brands – they worry about acquiring new customers but forget about their current customers. Think about those special contract prices you get on cable TV when you first sign up, then when the time ends you are chopped liver to those companies and they will not give you deals that they are advertising everywhere. I don’t know about you, but for me this makes me not a happy customer and I am likely to look elsewhere. (With cable I actually did – I dropped it all together and went to using Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime only)

When you have a fan – a brand advocate – they are your best form of advertising really. Focus on giving them what they want, making them feel special, and they will share about your brand to others in an enthusiastic way. This applies even if your brand is YOU.

I agree so much with Mack on this. It is one of the reasons I have loved working with companies like Verizon and Microsoft on such a long term basis. I am a fan personally of these brands and use them every single day. The more they share with me the more I share with my audience. Even when I am paid by these companies I still go above and beyond because I really am that serious fan. Brands should be reaching out for long term relationships like this with social influencers.

Mack gave some examples about this. One was a performer who gave away tickets to a show by asking those who had already attended a previous show to share what they had loved most. The winner already had to be a fan in order to win the tickets. She was showing loyalty to her fans as well as having them tell her story for her.

This made me really starting thinking…

And thinking some more… One of the things I love to do is help other people. I really enjoy doing “how to” posts and tutorials on my blog and on other social networks. Even when I host Twitter parties I do this. This content is also what all of you, my readers, seem to respond to the most. Guess what you will be seeing more of from me?

Mack reminded us all that a simple thank you can go far. Hence the above tweet from me. While prompted in the moment it is terribly sincere. If you have met me in real life you know that I do try to thank people around me all the time – I just needed a reminder to do that online a little more as well.

BINGO! Mack hit the nail right on the head! Brands (including influencers who are their own brand) did you get that?

A simple and brilliant concept!

I bought Mack Collier’s book, Think Like a Rock Star: How to Create Social Media and Marketing Strategies That Turn Customers Into Fans, while I was at the conference. Mack even autographed it for me! You should definitely check out the book – a great read!

A huge thank you to Mack for speaking at Type-A and another huge thank you to the Type-A staff for bringing him to us this year!

Are you a brand? What nugget of information did you learn from this post? Are you a fan of a brand? How do you show your love for brands you really use and enjoy?