This post is the second in a series I am writing about my experience at the 2014 Type-A Conference on social media.

Type-A Conference Notes - Write Posts People Can't Stop Reading  |

There are many business-centric sessions at Type-A conference but I do try to step out of my comfort zone a bit on some of the sessions. To that point I decided to attend Refining Your Voice – How to Write Posts People Can’t Stop Reading presented by Megan Jordan of Velveteen Mind and Denene Millner of While it still as a bit biz minded since it is about readers, it really is more about how to tell your stories in a better way.

This really is so true. I know that my writing improves when I take the time to read other people’s blogs more, or books, magazines, etc.

When I am writing a post, most of the time, I just feel like I am talking to a friend – that’s you my dear readers! The only thing you don’t see when reading my writing is my hands flaying about because I always talk with my hands.

I know this really makes an impact with me. I read a post with a long paragraph that kind of goes on and on about details, important still, but long. And then…BAM! New paragraph with just a word or two and it really sinks in what the writer is trying to convey to me.

The fact that both Megan and Denene both shared that it is alright to break grammar rules made me happy. Now they are not saying to just totally disregard things, but that you can break them to convey certain feelings and emotions. So many times sessions that are about writing are all about the rules of grammar – ugh. This is actually something I do need to work on, but they at least made me feel it is not the end of the world when I do not follow every single rule.

Now my blog is not filled with a lot of emotional stories about my life, I do a lot of how-to, reviews, recipes, etc. but even these types of posts you can inject feelings and emotions into. If I am writing a review and there was something that really made me excited about a product I can convey that emotion. In a recipe, if I screw something up, I can share that mistake and connect with other cooks who also make mistakes when they are preparing meals. Even my tutorials can share feelings on those things that I had a “duh” moment on and finally figured out because who hasn’t had a duh moment?

When I was younger I read fiction much more often. There were certain authors who did such an amazing job of making me feel like I was right there in that place and time and a part of the story. These writers painted a picture in my mind of the story. This is something I need to figure out how to do a bit more on my blog I think.

I tend to try to color as I go, thinking I will leave out an important detail if I write too simply. This is probably where outlining or storyboarding my ideas would come in handy. That would be the simple start and then I can color after that. Outside the lines is not a problem – I love outside the lines!

Which is exactly why I chose to attend this session. I always try to be authentic when I write but I know, especially if I have a tight deadline, I tend to be more rigid and less emotional in what I write.

This applies to all of life. It is not that you want to copy what others are doing, but let them inspire you to be the best you that you can!

So true again in all of life. The more we write the better we are, the more we cook the tastier our meals, the more we enjoy life the sweeter it becomes.

Another part of the Type-A Conference is the We Still Blog Awards. The nominees this year all did an amazing job at telling their stories by their feelings. I connected with the emotions of their stories when they read them so quickly. It was amazing.

Thank you so much to Megan and Denene for sharing their expertise on writing with all of us at the session. I really took away quite a bit from this session and will hopefully be able to implement it here on my blog and in my own personal writing.

Do you write anywhere (blog, diary, books, etc.) and if so how do you convey emotion and feeling in your writings? Did anything in my notes above stand out as something you want to work on as well?