Mantry Crate Contents

While Hubby is actually easy to buy gifts for, not all men are. Recently Mantry contacted me about trying out their product and it sounded perfect for Hubby, and a lot of other guys I know, so I said yes. They sent out one of their Mantry crates and I surprised Hubby with it. I did not open it beforehand even, I just snapped the pics below as he opened it.

Mantry is a curated monthly crate full of foods men will love. The particular crate they sent us was the Campfire Cookout which was so incredibly up Hubby’s alley. Right off the bat he loved the wooden crate – each shipment is sent in a crate like this – they are really nice and you can reuse them for a ton of different things.

Inside the crate Hubby found a lot of what he described as “freakin’ awesome” foods. The one he opened right away was Olive & Sinclair Bourbon Nib Brittle – oh my! Luckily Hubby was in a sharing mood and I got to try it as well. D-I-V-I-N-E! Per the included booklet Hubby immediately tried it crushed up on some vanilla ice cream and it was amazing.

Other items in this Mantry crate were Just Cook Herbed Coffee Rub which is perfect on a nice steak cooked over the grill. Vermont Smoke & Cure Summer Sausage – the other item Hubby opened right away to sample. He is a a big fan of sausages like this and he could really tell this was a high quality summer sausage. There is a recipe for Herbed Coffee Summer Sausage Hash that uses both the sausage and the coffee rub that he is planning on trying soon.

Bacon – yes bacon! That always gets everyone’s attention. Included in the crate was Broadbent’s Hickory Smoked Bacon. Need I say more? A mix of Soberdough Green Chile Cheddar Brew Bread and a jar of La Fundidora Fuego Salsa were also included.

We both loved the enclosure that told us more about each product, including were in the United States it was made, and ideas for using each product.

mantry gift box collage

Now this is not a cheap gift – but who would want a crate full of inexpensive products? For the quality of products I actually think the price is very reasonable at $75 per crate. For the foodie man in your life this would be a wonderful gift. I think this also would be a great idea for business gifts for your male clients as well. This is one of those gift items you need to make note of because I promise you at some point you will have a light bulb go off and say “oh yeah, that man crate thing would be perfect”.

Thanks again to Mantry for sharing a crate with Hubby!

Can you think of someone who would love to receive monthly Mantry crates?