Refresh Your Car Antibacterial Wipes

Have you ever thought about what kind of bacteria are hanging out inside your car? Think about all the things you bring in and out of your car on your hands, your shoes, your kids, and your pets. Plus these days so many of us are on the go that we eat in the car even. When the folks from Refresh Your Car approached me about trying out there products I had a “duh!” moment and wondered why I had never thought about these things before. They sent me an assortment of the Refresh Your Car Antibacterial Wipes and other products to try out on my own cars (disclosure – I received products and compensation from Refresh Your Car, opinions are my own). Right now we are a household with four cars so I had plenty of places to try out everything.

First up was my car, a Chrysler Sebring Convertible. I try not to be too messy because Hubby is a bit of a neat freak about cars but having a convertible I get a lot of dust and dirt in my car just driving around. I also need to protect the interior from the sun since the top is down a lot. You can see in the picture above on the stereo buttons that it is still wet – this is a good thing. You want it to be wet like that for just a bit so that when it dries the bacteria will be gone. The directions are on the bottles, but it is as easy as wiping the surfaces down. Refresh Your Car kills 99.9% of bacteria* and is the only EPA approved automotive products that cleans, conditions, sanitizes and protects interior automotive surfaces. *Kills Staphylococcus Aureus (Staph) and Enterobacter Aerogenes. This makes me very happy, especially on my steering wheel which has got to be one of the dirtiest places in our cars I think. Oh and the little pink flower is from the same company and is a vent clip-on air freshener and just looks cute I think.

refresh your car detail before after

Here is a before and after of my dash using the Refresh Your Car Detail. It easily cleaned off the dirt and dust and left a nice mild shine. This was a week ago and it still looks like it did in the after picture even. PLUS it did NOT make everything too slippery! There are other car detailing products out there that make everything too slippery and I was super happy that Refresh Your Car is not like that!

refresh your car leather before after

As I mentioned, with my car being a convertible my leather seats take a beating. I did just half of the seat with the Refresh Your Car Leather Antibacterial Wipes so I could see if there was a difference. There definitely is a difference although it is a bit hard to see in the picture. In person the difference is much more noticeable.

refresh your car antibacterial leather Ts car

My son loves his car, a Pontiac Grand Prix GTP, and tried out the Refresh Your Car Leather Antibacterial Wipes on his interior. He is a pretty tough critic on car products but he was pleased with how well they worked on his leather seats. He also liked the fact that they were antibacterial.

refresh your car antibacterial cleaning wipes before

We saved the biggest challenge for last. T’s girlfriend, Caitlan, just recently got her first car that she got from one of her family members. It is an older Ford Escort and in pretty rough shape. No judgment from me though, I had my fare share of cars like this as a teenager too. The night before we took these pictures she had a big cup of sweet tea spill all over even so it was a sticky mess.

antibacterial cleaning wipes for your car

Caitlan used the Refresh Your Car Clean Antibacterial Wipes on the center column and dash first. Oh, and see that cute little pouch with the palm tree on it? That is also from the same company and is an air freshener!

dirt removed with refresh your car clean wipes

The Clean wipes did a fantastic job cleaning off the sweet tea and all the dirt not to mention all the bacteria that must have been on the car.

refresh your car clean wipes before after

Then we moved onto a stain on unknown origin in the trunk. This was on the car when she got it. The wipes made quick work of the stain! It took several wipes, but that was because the size of the stain and whatever it was I think. Amazing before and after here!

All of the products have a scent to them which concerned me at first but I am happy to report none of them are too strong at all. Just a very light and pleasant scent for all of them. Refresh Your Car did send me several air freshener products also and we have all been trying them out. Our cars are now extra clean and smell really nice.

When they approached me I had not heard of this brand before but I am very pleased with the results and will continue buying the antibacterial wipes on my own for sure. You can learn more about Refresh Your Car on their social media channels:

They also were kind enough to offer me a nice prize package to share with one of my readers.

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